Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anxiety: 6 ways to reduce it

at 2:30 PM
All of us anxious from time to time and we all have different triggers. Fear of getting up and giving a speech? Your heart pounds before an operation? The thought of having to mix and mingle with a room full of strangers makes you nervous? These are normal reactions but should subside after the stressful situation. For some of us, anxiety not go away. Begins to interfere with and dominate our lives. It can cause all sorts of potentially distressing symptoms such as insomnia, stomach upsets, headaches and difficulty concentrating. Left untreated, anxiety can develop in depression. If anxiety is mild or is seriously compromising the quality of life, it is never too late to do something about it. The encouraging news is that anxiety is very treatable. Here are six strategies to get started. If you fail to make progress, or anxiety prevents you from enjoying life, we recommend you consult an expert consultant or psychologist to guide you towards recovery.
1. Think constructively, not negatively. Whenever you think a positive or negative thoughts you have an immediate reaction to the level of sensitivity. "Feed your mind with positive thoughts; They have a powerful effect on your mood, how nutritious is on your body. Instead of saying to yourself "I'm not going to go to the party" substitute "I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't go. I could have a really good time! " After a while you will start to feel more confident and optimistic. You'll also find that your reports will start to improve. Bring your positive attitude towards other areas of your life like your job, and you'll notice that we can begin to enjoy more, and his colleagues will respond more positively.
2. Get fun and laughter in your life. The old saying "laughter is the best medicine» has some truth to it. When we laugh, we break the tension and massage for both of our facial muscles and stimulate the endocrine system. Fun is a necessary component to achieve balance in our lives, so take every opportunity to have some. There are many ways to put a smile on your face, even if you're alone. Watch a comedy on TV or read a humorous book, visiting a friend who is optimistic and makes you laugh, put aside the time to play with their children or a friend-the possibilities are endless.
3. Boost your self-esteem. Use messages such as "I will challenge them are a good person. I am and have much to offer. " Be your best friend and be gentle with yourself. There are ways to build your self-esteem. Read books or look on the internet to expand your thinking. When you are driving or walking listening to audio tracks of self-help.
4. Move your body. You'll feel more energized and positive if you move that body! Regular exercise is essential for the maintenance of good health and to induce feelings of well-being. Resist excuses like "I'm not just in the mood", or "there is no way that I have time." Exercise alters the chemistry of blood so beneficial and help the person feel anxious or depressed loosen reducing physical and mental tension. If you haven't exercised in a long time, take it slowly. What form of exercise you choose is up to you. Select an item that you think you'll enjoy how it will be easier for you to stick to this. A half-hour walk and some sections might appeal to you, or maybe a few laps in the pool.
5. learning to relax. Relax allows us to be much more in touch with ourselves. Daily practice will begin to show benefits in a few weeks. You will be aware of the tension in your body and mind. You may be surprised how energetic and mentally alert that feels. Report of people able to cope with overall better, be more durable. If you feel really stressed, can be very challenging to relax, for starters. Using a relaxation CD as a guide will help you to master the skill. Put aside all days to learn to relax. Enjoy two or three times per day to begin with. The rewards will soon and expect the special moment reserved just for you.
6. Cone. It is easier to focus on one problem at a time, rather than letting the mind overwhelmed with a lot of problems at once. Remind yourself that you only meet the needs of the moment-the future will take care of itself. This will help take off the pressure.
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