Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What 5 Things Do You Need To Know About Metabolic Syndrome?

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A staggering number of individuals in progressive nations get affected by the disturbing condition of metabolic syndrome. In fact, an estimated 20 to 30% of the population gets affected by the syndrome each year in every country. Acid base disturbances are coined as insulin resistance syndrome by modern Medical Science. The reasons for the physical condition can be myriad but once the underlying causes have been fished out, treatment can be provided for long term relief.

• Causes behind The Condition - Metabolic syndrome is largely known as life style disease. Often this syndrome is genetically transmitted. For instance if one or both of your parents suffer from MS, then it is highly likely that you will get syndrome at some point of time. Other than genetic transmission, obesity, hypertension, over indulgence in smoking, junk food and alcohol are also come major contributors. Hormone imbalance particularly low levels of estrogen also trigger this syndrome. Binge eating and lack of exercise are responsible for metabolic syndrome.

• Symptoms of Metabolic Disorder - Sudden weight gain and acidity are linked to insulin resistance syndrome. You can also notice an unusual rise in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Moreover patients with insulin resistance syndrome feel lethargic and drowsy. Some develop insomnia, cardiac problems and insulin resistance.

• Treatments of MS - Experts believe that life-style modifications can cure the problem and surprisingly more often than never these changes work wonders. Diet therapies meted out to patients by introduction of fat-less food cooked in olive oil play a vital role to cure MS. Consumption of green vegetables, fresh salads, fish and chicken can root out the problem. Moreover brisk walking, cardio exercises can reduce obesity, stress and high blood pressure, which in turn can stem the insulin resistance syndrome to a great extent. Cigarette and alcohol addictions, late night partying and feasting on junk food must be shunned.

• Complications from Metabolic Syndrome - Insulin resistance syndrome can instigate certain life threatening diseases. Patients can develop type 2 diabetes and heart blocks due to triglycerides accumulation often leading to cardiac arrests. Metabolic syndrome can also trigger an abnormal increase in blood pressure leading to strokes. Arthrosclerosis, rheumatic diseases, schizophrenia, kidney disorders and fatty liver are common disorders affecting patients with insulin resistance syndrome. Often conditions get out of hand and patients suffer abominably.

• Medicines for Metabolic Syndrome - This disorder is usually treated by administering medicines for blood pressure and sugar like Capoten, Cozaar, Diovan and also aspirin. Cholesterol inhibitors like statins, fibrates and niacins are also prescribed by some doctors to prevent aggravations.

Metabolic syndrome is neither rare nor fatal. However this underlying physical condition is directly linked to other severe disorders which might turn life threatening. The good news is insulin resistance syndrome can be cured without expensive medication and treatments. All you have to do is to follow a healthy diet plan, drink water, exercise and monitor your blood pressure and sugar levels. These frugal habits can annihilate the problem completely. Read more online articles for additional information on this topic.

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