Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Medical treatment of vaginal odor

at 4:00 PM
A healthy vagina is always going to have a smell very discreet in some time. Have certain smells sometimes is quite normal. But then if changes of vaginal odor strongly smells like and then find that just might be a sign of an infection. If this is not treated, then could only cause psychological stress, emotional and social.
A lot of women, in fact, I believe that this is vaginal odor is due to a lack of hygiene and think that the vagina wash excessively is going to help, but all it does is aggravate the problem even more. Although very poor genital hygiene is the cause of smelly vagina, washing, not the answer to the problem. The first thing you should do is that the natural acidity should be restored back into the vagina. But if you take excessive anti-biotic doesn't help.
You must restore the balance of vaginal flora. The flora of vagina basically consists of various bacteria microaerofili. Among all these, Lactobacilli are considered the main one who plays the role in the protection of the vagina. Microorganisms help preserve the acidity of the vagina. Even if you wash your vagina too flora will get concerned and the pH balance is disrupted.
Vagina odor is caused by a lot of things that include excessive douching, washing, use of certain chemicals as scented body wash, anti-bacterial SOAP, and so forth, and tight clothes. Also various contraceptives as foreign bodies may increase vaginal odor and can lead to various health problems as well. Also, in some cases, if you have an unhealthy diet can l'odore change, where if you eat a nut and then correct the condition gets fixed.
There are various treatments for vaginal odor. There are several herbal remedies that attack the root cause of bacteria and even the recurrence. These help in reconciling the flora of your vagina and it also boosts your immune system so that you can fight the recurrence. But the best way is always a natural way, although there are certain drugs available that can help reduce this.
If you want to avoid that firstly there are certain things that you need to do. First of all you will have to wear pads clean and you should also make sure that you change quite regularly. Douching should be avoided until it is completely necessary. Usually hinders the usual level of acidity in the vagina.
Even if you have an odor vagina or you suffer from any type of vaginal infection, you must make sure not to wear pants and underwear. You must give your vagina room to breathe. In fact, the tight clothes irritate the vagina and may also increase the smell.
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