Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Influence People With Subliminal Persuasion

at 6:00 PM
Subliminal is something that is done unconsciously.
Every day people are motivated and influenced in such a way that does not implement directly. Their subconscious is targeted and are influenced and persuaded. This is known as the subliminal persuasion.
There is a debate about whether it really does work. There are no substantial evidence to prove this but majorly the fact that there is an effect is not something that is denied. This is effective if there is a correct reading of the people and the understanding of what they want.
The science of persuasion is of great help. It helps convey the message and that influence in a very subtle. It is not on the face, but is very indirect.
1. A sales person can very effectively by his body language can use this to get people to buy your product.
2. A marketing can communicate the message that you want to communicate
3. a teacher can influence students to follow the right path in life through this kind of persuasion.
4. in order to get the best from its employees, the manager uses this type of persuasion.
5. advertising, with the help of this communication is made effective.
Is to help anywhere-at school, at home or at work.
Let us understand as to why it works to influence and persuade people.
The reasons are as follows:
1. human beings have a tendency to respond to things to connect and associating to it. People link to stories in a better way, and then connect to simple facts. Whatever touches their heart actually shapes their behaviour.
2. people have a tendency to think of themselves first and take care of themselves first to take care of anyone else. Then the subject that a person wants to communicate can be easily done through processing as a person and as will be prove to be beneficial.
3. human beings are social. They cannot stay in isolation. There is a need to communicate and interact on a regular basis with others.
People listen to others and also the need for others to hear them. Most people aren't aware of the technique that is used is hypnotic persuasion. While brains are thinking is aware of what is happening, but what it doesn't know is that the brain is unconscious capture some signals.
It includes the following methods:
1. the smell
Identifying a bakery shop that makes yummy cookies located in the Centre of the shopping mall is a technique of using subliminal persuasion. People get enticed to visit the place every buy their favorites.
2. View
This uses images and Visual effects for persuasion and influence. For example-the effect of an ad printed on a consumer is an example of using the technique.
3. Sound
The type of music and the volume and intensity of the music has an influence on the mind. Loud music can make a person starts to dance.
4. touch and taste
This is also a subliminal persuasion technique. The effects of this technique are still being measured and evaluated.
So if you have understood correctly the subliminal technique, begin to influence the people around you, because there are always influenced by it every day.
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