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Arterial hypertension is life-threatening unless treated with appropriate medication and managed with proper lifestyle

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High p. b. is a terminal illness that millions of people around the world are struggling to cope. High b p. also known as hypertension, is a grave danger to life and, therefore, must be treated with medical expertise. Therefore, looking for a doctor to a doctor or a doctor who specializes in hypertension is a must, if serious complications should be avoided. Living with hypertension can be difficult and often the same idea of hypertension causes stress. Many believe that the main causes of hypertension are stress, sex, socioeconomic status, age, habits, obesity and heredity. However, these factors are not backed by evidence and HBP is presumed to be caused or aggravated by a combination of these factors.
Overview of HBP
As an individual came to be suffering from hyper tension? This is a question that many people consider. The pressure at which the blood is pushed against the walls of the arteries is called b. p. b. p. fluctuates throughout the day, depending on the climate, the level of activity, the intake of food, health and other aspects. The normal circulation of the blood involves the heart pump blood in the arteries so that flows throughout the body. If a person is working hard, b. p., increase and decrease if stationary. But if b. p. a person remains high even when stationary, this person may be suffering from high p. b. A person with a high p. b. is more prone to heart attacks and strokes excess activity caused by high pressure damages your blood vessels and organs, including the heart and kidneys. As there are symptoms of damage which is caused within the body until it is too late, it is important that all people have their p. b. checked on a regular basis. However, when the pressure is very high, a person will feel dizziness, nausea; suffering from headaches and blurred vision, etc. Because these symptoms occur only once the situation has reached a critical stage, it is important that people who are in high-risk categories more than 40 years of age, male smokers and obese people check their blood pressure at least once in 3 months.
Understanding systolic and diastolic
B. p. is controlled through a "Cuff b. p." or a pressure gauge. A normal b. p. reading should be within the range of 120 over 80. People with Prehypertension can register a b. p. 120 to 139 over 80 and nothing more than 140-160 of systolic and 90-100 diastolic and above are cause for alarm. Such a reading would indicate that the person is having high b. p. know what systolic and diastolic is will allow those who are suffering with this disease in order to better understand the monitoring process. B. p. reading that is received when the heart contracts, is known as systolic and read receipt when the heart relaxes is the diastolic. The systolic reading will always be above the diastolic reading.
Assess high p. b.
In order to find out if a person has HBP, there are a couple of tests that can be recommended by a physician. These tests depend on the severity of the disease. Blood tests are the most common form of evaluation for HBP. If the pressure reading is high, your doctor will test the blood that help identify other health conditions that may be contributing to hyper tension. For example, if blood tests show elevated creatinine and blood urea, then there are kidney and renal complications. Patients will also be prescribed lipid profile that will check their cholesterol levels as well. In addition, some patients with high severly readings can be prescribed an Echocardiogram and an electrocardiogram as well.
HBP treatment with medications
There is no cure for high p. b. However, medications, exercise and proper diet it can be managed so that a person can lead a normal life. Most often, a doctor recommended a change in lifestyle, diet and other factors before prescribing any medication. Some foods such as leafy vegetables, fruit, skim milk and cereals have been known to aid in the fight against hypertension. However, if the case is serious, this person will be put on medication immediately without fail. It will be prescribed medications as Tenoretic, Blocadren, doxazosin, terazosin, Carvedilol Minipress, etc, to fight against users of p. b. high should be informed about any side effects that can have on these medicines when prescribed.
Although living with HBP is one drawback, users will be able to handle this problem through a good lifestyle, diet and medications. Those who suffer from HBP, you shouldn't hang back if a problem is detected early and treated properly.
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