Thursday, May 26, 2011

As I do every day to stay motivated

at 1:49 AM
If people find out that I missed a day of run in more than 25 years, is the next question that "Out there every day get it questions, how?".
I think, now I was out there every day for so long that I don't really consider. I have to sit down and think about what keeps me out there on the streets.
The first thing that should be as execution makes me feel. No matter how short or how long run I, I know that I feel incredibly, if I in again. Some mornings, it's hard to get that first foot out the door - but I do know, if I'm there, it will be great.
Another thing that goes along with running makes me feel is the energy that I have all day. Is always first thing in the morning I super energy all day long.
I like the food - and that makes me head out every day! I know I should eat better, but I like to eat. My motto is usually "life is short, eat what you want". Of course, I mean that, but if I want to eat pizza for lunch - I within moderation. So are run every day me the excuse to eat to keep!
With keeps me on the streets every day a current schedule. In January the road race, I want to run this year and plan a schedule is schedule I accordingly. To know that I come to the race makes has me in the miles.
A magazine is together with a schedule to keep the current. Record the miles that you perform every day. I myself also weather, everything, what I saw along the way and other little tidbits.
New purchase running clothing sounds stupid - but it works. I love it, new pretty running shorts and tops get. So, then I would like to go there and run.
And then, of course, it is the streak itself. I refuse to break the streak! And the main motivation may be. In the days, the I may be sick (what really very often do not), will know that I have the streak me out the door. But I also think that my current streak has me stay healthy!
Now, am I not say that everyone has it a Streaker - be in them, but it keeps you motivated!
I the fact that I am able to out there every day receive love. I love the fact that my husband is proud, that I am a runner.
What do you get out the door?
Judy Mick has been running since 1978 and has missed a day since 1985.
It has published an ongoing book on Kindle, has numerous articles and short reports on the implementation.
If you are a beginning runner or run for years, Judy would like to experience share with you.