Friday, May 27, 2011

As an occupational therapist

at 6:19 PM
The task of the occupational therapist is very sensitive and full of responsibility. The main aim of occupational therapist is to change the life of the patient to his advancement. The patient may be suffering from any problem that may be physical, emotional or mental. Task of OT is to take care of these problems and provide solutions to them, so that the patient can regain confidence to do his work by the day and its occupation.
The first studies of patient behavior therapist, his environment and situation, and then create a plan for his problem. For the treatment of each patient is different because everyone has their own problems. To understand the reasons behind the problem and solved these is the work of a therapist. Its always a difficult task for an occupational therapist to deal with the patient who suffers from a depressing situations and post traumatic stress disorder. He must become a consultant to make the patient feel free stress and fear of free-what are the common symptoms after a traumatic situation in life.
Occupational therapist must have certain characteristics in his behaviour, irrespective of its specialties in occupational therapy. Needs to be very patient by nature. He must have strong interpersonal skills and who are required to deal with patients, because all of them are not very open to the first level. They are needed to be explored by therapists. Needs to be adaptive and also because the occupational therapist's job is to assist the patient in all situations at home or in other places where a patient lives. The patient may request his help in its basic tasks, such as cooking, eating and dressing. He must be very kind and sweet with his patient. Doing these tasks, the work of an occupational therapist not only helps the other person in good physical and mental health OT self-esteem but also increases too. Because helping others, increases self-confidence.
If we compare the earnings of an occupational therapist, these are very good as compare with other medical staff. How OT can get as many clients who may because work on the basis of half-time for personal customers. Additionally, each type of work and living environment, their help is necessary for the Betterment of life. Play an important role in the creation of a true identity in society. So the company needs a lot of occupational therapists to make it better for an easy life.
Author has a strong experience as an occupational therapist and is an active member of the social assistance programs. He started many rehabilitation centers of occupational therapy and rehabilitation programs for social welfare.