Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best way to gain muscle and healthy stay

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My philosophy on the way to gain muscle and my stay healthy believe that health is important and you should not sacrifice your health, to 'great'. Most bodybuilders are fueled by insulin from an overload of the starchy carbs, cereal and dairy products. Triggering insulin is anabolic, but it is not healthy in the long term.
My philosophy on the way to gain muscle and healthy stay
I my health is important and you should not sacrifice your health, to 'great'. Most bodybuilders are fueled by insulin from an overload of the starchy carbs, cereal and dairy products. Triggering insulin is anabolic, but it is not healthy in the long term. I will limit my grain recording to 3 portions per week (pre workout), and I soon out grains is completely cut. I cut from my diet, I also dairy products cannot be explained, some why in this article, I recommend you do the research and a sound decision. I believe that you can create a strong, muscular and lean physique without overdosing on carbohydrates and endanger your health. This approach is better in the long run for you and you will not be searched chubby half of the year. Many health experts and professionals believe that to be the best way to build muscle.
The best way to build muscle is just consume more calories than you consume, is this surplus of calories in the direction of muscle growth fluctuated are. I'm not one for calorie counting down to the smallest detail, it is cumbersome and time consuming. I understand my body through a trial and error, I cradle me at the end of the week, and if my weight remains the same, I, my maintenance level know. My calorie intake is I then gradually increase through the introduction of more healthy carbohydrates and more healthy fats. Protein intake should be constant, must you consume protein per pound of body weight, at least 1 g if you weigh 200 lbs, you have to consume 200 g of lean protein per day. You should eat to keep all 3 to 4 hours, 6 State meals per day to maintain your body in an anabolic (growing). Their carbohydrate intake depends on your body type and the metabolism. Some people can eat plenty of carbohydrates, without too thick, others have a low tolerance for carbohydrates. Eat vegetables with every meal, to keep a good balance of bases. Their healthy fat intake should adequately high, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids food want to (or you can something universal Omega animal supplement). It is important to keep hydrated during the day, drink plenty of water. With a good multi supplement vitamin and whey protein for post workout. I recommend optimal men's weight loss stack use.
Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, game, eggs and nuts
Healthy carbs
Sweet potato, squash, plantain, vegetables, Yam, parsnips, chick peas, banana, lentils and beans.
Healthy fats
Salmon, flax seed, grass fed meat, cauliflower, cabbage, scallops, cloves, avocado, walnuts
They will notice, I not in my list of recommended food grains are, therefore, because I think the argument for waiver of grains is very strong, people have developed millions of years without grains and thus they are ideal not intended for human consumption.
The best time for most of your starchy carbohydrates food is pre and post workout, for energy, if you train and refuel when your muscles are depleted post workout.
Stick to the basics, the large compound movements are the best way to build muscle. Your training should be organised to the big 3 moves, Deadlifts, the squat and the Bank. Pulls ups, rows, press ups, dips, overhead presses, lunges and sweaters are exercises that you should include in your routine. 5 Reps for the big 3 and between 6-12 repetitions for the other exercises. Train 3 x per week, this gives you much to restore the trained hard time. Whole-body training is ideal for weight gain, it works, take advantage of the frequency of the training of the large muscle 3 x per week and the hormonal response is great.
Choose an exercise legs, a back exercise, a chest exercise, a shoulder exercise and 1 or 2 isolation exercises. Your program might look like this:
Rows, dips, lateral raises, squats, biceps curl, shrugs
Deadlift, Pull-Ups, press ups, overhead press, Tate press
Lunges, Chin of ups, bench press, rear heard Flyes, hammer curl, triceps extensions
Every time when you, is your goal, your previous workout, lift step in the gym more weight, more reps or to beat by completion of the training in less time. Remember, your workout all 3-4 weeks, you can change exercises, Rep, the rest times, exercise order, etc., small adjustments that adaptation prevent your body.You train hard for 8 weeks, pull out a week and start again.
You grow not in the gym, you actually break the muscle fibers while you train your muscle repair and becoming if you rest, especially if you sleep. Make sure you get 8 hours sleep per day and some power NAP not be damage either. Relax and relax your body to restore the intense workouts allow.
Cardio-vascular system
It is important, you keep healthy your heart and lungs, poor cardiovascular fitness is not only unhealthy but it is a negative effect on your weight training. The type of cardio you do depends on how you feel, if you have lots of energy, a short and high intensity workout, do if you believe not go take enough energy, a long brisk walking, ride your bike, gentle jogging, etc.. You cardio 1-2-3 x a week.
Cheat meals
Many will eat what they like when "Fillers", is it an excuse to eat a little fat and bad food, I think this is the wrong approach and counter productive in the long run, as fat for most of the year and muscle to lose you, if you try, the fat will lose, not to mention the damage it, will do your self esteem, implementation of a tire blubber to your stomach. Try your cheat meals once a week to limit eating what you like and enjoy it!
I explained the basics gaining muscle, if you the basics right and you are in line, get the results you want. Thinking you that place, the best way to build muscle is through devotion. No matter what you eat or how to train their abandon not good for 3 months, because you look like Mr Olympia.