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Canadian drugs makes health care more accessible to those suffering from terminal illnesses

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The cost of prescription drugs are very high, especially if the drug is still in its possession. As the patent period extends for more than 15-20 years, only a few selected can afford the benefits of innovation that drugs are developed with the possibility of processing breaking ground. This makes the most effective treatment out of reach for many of the most debilitating and terminal illnesses. Millions of people around the world, both in the developed world and developing countries are living with poor health insurance or health benefits in the State. Patients who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, asthma, PD or any other chronic diseases need medicines to keep them from suffering fatal accidents and this amount of large amounts of money to be spent over the life time of the patient Canadian drugs pharmacies offer users the ability to buy their prescription drugs for a lower cost in the most convenient way. The ability to provide any person living anywhere in the world with prescription drugs makes a life-saving option for those who were previously able to access those drugs.
The laws of the United States that govern the purchase of medicines by external sources
According to the laws of the United States, buying Canadian drugs from us citizens is prohibited, unless certain conditions are met. These conditions are as follows:

The seller must register with the FDA of the United States
Canadian drugs you must import from licensed pharmacies
Drugs be purchased for personal use and not for resale
Medications must be purchased to cover a prescription only up to 90 days
A prescription for the drugs is vital and must be FDA approved
The manufacturer must be registered under section 510 of the Federal Food, drug and Cosmetic Act

Any person found purchases drugs without these conditions stipulated face five years imprisonment and fined 250,000 dollars in payment.
Licensed by CIPA
Most reputed drugs Canada found on-line pharmacies are licensed by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. (CIPA). These companies sell pharmaceuticals and drugs in quantities of less than 90 days for users in Canada and the United States. As these companies fit criteria U.S. laws, those who place orders from Canada drug pharmacy are assured that there will be no penalties they may face upon delivery. In addition, these medicines are sold at discounted prices to 80% lower than U.S. prices pharmacy. Companies such as Pfizer, Merck, and others are registered with CIPA and because of this, users are assured that the medicines purchased from CIPA pharmacies are licensed and adheres to strict standards.
Be aware of online fraud
Canada drugs can be purchased online. This is the method most convenient to order prescription drugs. Users just go online and to provide information on the medication needed and their orders will be assisted and delivered to their door. However, the user must ensure that the Canada pharmacies take place their orders with are reliable and are licensed. Some sites available online will use a CIPA seal fraudulently to cheat consumers. Consumers are encouraged to ensure that the CIPA seal is valid, click "Member check" and inserting the name of the Web site. This will allow users to know with certainty that the company's drugs Canada they select is really authentic. It is recommended that users do not order from on-line companies that contact via email and direct them to a site with the name "Canada drugs". This is also a fraudulent site.
It is necessary that consumers pay attention to these criteria when placing orders or purchase Canadian drugs. Being careful to avoid any fraudulent activities and enjoy all the benefits that an authentic Canadian pharmacy online may offer its consumers.

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