Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cardio Vs. weight-which is best?

at 5:09 AM
Normally a person would evoke heavy workouts to lose weight or get in shape. Cardiovascular exercise often competes with weightlifting to burn fat, for most men. There is a misunderstanding on weightlifting; people consider it more favourable to men who want to build the size of the chest muscles.
This is not the most popular exercise, as it was believed that the expanded muscles unflattering appearance, especially for women. However, there are many advantages in weightlifting. Indeed greater strength is achieved by lifting weights and stronger muscles improve posture, as well as the functioning of the internal organs.
Muscles can get bigger, but because they are toned; that means that fats are burned faster when resting or active periods. Weight training can help to expand the capacity of the cardiovascular function.
Cardiovascular training
Many prefer this type of aerobic training, such as heart disease is known to be the # 1 killer of men. It has been suggested that a strong and healthy and strong lungs lowering our chances of contracting heart diseases; cardiovascular training form of aerobic exercises can do just that.
Certainly, these exercises burn lots of calories and shed some weight off of us, which meets many people, especially those who are engaged. Many can be made for ½ hour every day if disciplined in order to achieve the objective.
Combination of both
The best of both worlds offers a superior result as they attempt to both exercises in less time for the effects of a major. The key to this method is to perform the exercises with greater intensity to achieve the same result, or better, in a shorter period of time due to the greater effort put in.
Low intensity workouts can burn some calories, but not enough to see a big difference; They take more time, which in turn may discourage them from continuing if lack of discipline or are hard pressed for time. Intense weightlifting can burn more fat in less time. This information is extremely useful when you are busy, but need to keep in shape.
Then for busy people who want to keep in good shape and health, a program of intense workout that doesn't take too much time is ideal. An intense weightlifting ½ hour followed by an intense cardio workout for ½ hour are sufficient to achieve that body healthy and fit a couple of times a week instead of daily exercise program ½ hour of low intensity.
Not many can withstand the intensity required; prefer the less demanding workout routines. If you're really serious health and shape, it is necessary to make it work with a little more effort, which gives good winnings. Have that goal in mind for motivation!