Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Caveman diet

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With all diets out there, looks like every couple of months someone is coming out with a new plan. We've seen almost everything from the Atkins diet and South Beach diets of soup and even a diet of bananas. The diet that I'm about to describe is how diet "Anti-Vegan". Really, I don't really see how a vegan successfully would go on this diet. Many people have literally transformed their bodies melted away pounds, lowered their blood pressure and even went out of their insulin.
The Paleo diet claims to encourage weight loss, build the immune system and advance your energy levels each day. In this story you will see why the Paleo diet was put together, exactly what kind of food you could eat on the Paleo diet and learn what really awesome benefits of this diet are.
For starters, the Paleo diet was first popularized in the mid-1970s when a gastroenterologist named Walter l. Voegtlin created a diet plan based on foods that Caveman ate in Palaeolithic. The logic behind the founding of the Paleo diet was that scientists have discovered that the Caveman was also physically healthier, had much more muscular and was free from chronic diseases of nowaday compared to contemporary man today.
Now the Caveman was primarily a Hunter and gatherer who was eating the food that surrounded him. The Caveman do not had no agricultural skills and did not save his food. The Caveman had great hunting and fishing skills and plenty of plants, vegetables and fruit. The Caveman eating the proper mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is important as loads of nutritionists lawyer not to eat alone, but to eat a balance from all food groups. Dairy products were not readily available to the caveman.
Meals like grilled or roast pork, beef and chicken with broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes are a part of the diet. Desserts are usually made from fruits such as strawberries and citrus fruits. They are many particular types of salads, but importantly, all meals are prepared with natural foods do not contain preservatives. Processed foods are not allowed.
The advantages are numerous, as not only people lose weight by eating, but they are able to have command over their appetite. Several preservatives are actually known to actually increase the appetite of the person who makes them much more to eat. Persons on Palaeo diet have a greater and more energy and not burdened with dietary fats. Their skin is much healthier and have a great system of immunity. Probably the greatest thing regarding the Paleo diet is that it reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It is believed that this is to avoid foods with high levels of fats and preservatives.
The Paleo diet to follow and is plain without effort to cook meals. It is recommended that you go beyond the Paleo diet plus 300 recipes and discover for yourself the sorts of meals you can eat. Many have found success and health on the paleo diet.
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