Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Create a top-level of eating collection for Office workers

at 7:01 PM
Due to the accelerated pace of modern life, many of the traditional way of life changed. As has become a luxury the Office workers eat at home. Through the work meals and lunch are fast and easy, there are many problems on it as unreasonable arrangement, energy too high, lack of nutrients. Some business workers, like choose some high-protein, fettreicher such as fish and seafood, steaks, with little or no staple. Of course, this type of behavior is not correct. It is there that the protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients of interaction and mutual advantage during the metabolic process. The digestion, absorb and use all require the energy stores of the protein that are food available provided by carbohydrate foods, otherwise, digestive disorders and loss of appetite would be caused.
For the record: more than 60% of the total energy in each meal should consider the staple food.
With meat and vegetables, red and green.
Meat: pork, beef, and mutton chose fish, chickens and ducks for the first, for the second, this type of behavior that can reduce intake of fat.
Vegetables: We should the intake of green leafy vegetables, ensure more vitamins vegetables containing more green. Small vegetables, oil wheat foods, water spinach are all good choices.
The mean value of red and green is green vegetables, in addition to which, we should generally some red vegetable food, how the body's antioxidant capacity and we can tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lycopene and other carotene-rich foods, to effectively improve this also inspired.
Note: Make sure the daily intake of 500 grams of vegetables and fruits of 200 grams.
Eat enough vegetables and fruit, it can to ensure the content of fibre in the diet. The Office, workers in the Office with some fitness activities, sit, this brings a lot of health risks for many people. If we take some dietary fiber per day, which could feature of digestion promoted and it can prevent also constipation, it can reduce the blood cholesterol level, low blood sugar level and prevent obesity, are all good for our health.
In addition, we should compensate for some vitamins and minerals. You are too busy to eat fruit, you can juice drink instead, such as the freshly squeezed orange juice and vegetable juice drinks on the market.
Summary: We should make sure you the order to compensate for our meals, and some fruits and vegetables with intention of.