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Detection and treatment of asthma in an early stage is Critical

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What is asthma?
Asthma responding muscles of respiration that hinders the flow of air to the lungs and makes it difficult for the person to breathe. Asthma is also known as obstructive pulmonary disease and the medical term for it is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There are many possible triggers asthma, although it can vary from person to person. These possible triggers may cause the air passage way to inflame, inner wall of the tube to swell and even to produce excess mucus that will worsen further. Due to this airway obstruction, asthma makes it difficult for the patient to breath as would a normal person. Although asthma is incurable, can be controlled with early diagnosis and proper treatment as well as control the levels of exposure to triggers. That's why knowing possible trigger factors are essential.
The most common triggers of asthma
From person to person, asthma triggers vary. However, being aware of possible triggers can help to reduce or avoid exposure. Here are some of the most common asthma triggers that people should be in the area.
-Dust mites This is one of the most powerful triggers that you may be able to check in your indoor air quality. Dust mites proliferate in the sweltering hot areas such as quilts, tents, quilts and pillows. Beddings are in direct contact with your air inhaled in the vicinity. Be sure to keep the rooms with minimal furniture, clean and vacuum regularly and avoid the use of pillows filled with down.
Smoke- Too can be a trigger an asthma attack and then, for some people with asthma should avoid inhalation of second-hand smoke. If a family member suffers from asthma, you are advised to refrain from smoking in the same room and in vehicles etc, where it will be a high level of exposure.
Outdoor pollution- One of the main reasons why asthma is rising throughout the day was due to high levels of pollution in the environment. Pollutants emitted by car exhausts and industrial facilities have increased levels of pollution and clouded the air quality significantly.
Cockroach allergen-Cockroaches are a major trigger of asthma and often unknown to many. Faeces, urine and the insect itself can cause an asthma attack in people who are allergic to this allergen. Keep your House clean and free of insect feeding opportunities is essential for the control of cockroach in the home environment.
Pets- Furry animals such as cats, dogs, birds and rabbits may trigger an asthma attack. A protein in saliva, feces and urine of cats can be particularly harmful. Avoid having your pet in the bedroom and have a pet, in case of severe cases of asthma.
Mold-Mold grows on tree trunks, damp walls and other surfaces. Breathing in mold can trigger asthma attacks, and if the House itself is mouldy, this may be why asthma accidents, while being on the control of asthma medicines. Fixing water leaks, clean the Moldy walls and manage the level of humidity between 35 and 50% is useful. It is recommended that you use a humidifier for this purpose.
-Food and drugs Some foods such as dairy, peanuts, citrus and sea foods can cause allergic reaction that can trigger an asthma attack as well. Be aware of food allergies is important as some seafood and peanut allergies are life threatening.
Other trigger- Being sick with the flue virus with symptoms of respiratory tract can cause asthma. Inhaling chemicals such as detergents, mosquito repellent coils, perfume can trigger attacks in one person. Exercise for asthma is triggered by strenuous running and other activities, but doctors encourage taking part in these under proper medications to improve conditions of long-term asthma. Emotional reactions as happiness and sadness, stress can cause asthma in some individuals.
In the treatment of asthma with medications right
Treatment for asthma may go on for a long time and also for a life time. Asthma medications are divided into two categories. These include bronchodilators are commonly known as inhalers such as Ventolin inhalers Proventil, Combivent inhalers and nebulizers to provide emergency aid, once an attack is activated. Helps reduce inflammation by reducing the production of mucus and widening the passage of air, lifting the patient from breathing difficulties. Treatment medications include long term corticosteroids as Flovent, Azmacort, Vanceril, AeroBid and Seratide. These beta-agonist inhalers are long-lasting action that keeps the passage dilated for an extended period of time, but with slow action. All these medications should be administered in accordance with the instructions of the physician and the reduction of the dosage should be tapered off and not abrupt

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