Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dust of casein protein-protein for athletes

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Protein is essential for the body and functioning of tissues, cell structures and regulations. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Supplements and protein powder are widely used by aspiring bodybuilders, how to increase your metabolism, eliminate any deficiencies caused by lack of protein and help an individual to get muscles.
The milk is rich in protein-casein, albumin and globulin are three types of proteins found in milk. Casein is a protein that is responsible for the color of milk soluble and do not like the other two proteins.
Advantages of casein protein
Casein protein powder is used for the improvement of muscle retention; helps maintain muscle mass and increases strength, legs and chest. Casein is also rich in calcium content and offers the advantages of aiding in weight reduction.
Casein protein is a muscle enhancing agent. It is gradually absorbed into the blood and has no impact on protein synthesis and the process responsible for muscle growth. This causes the casein seems to be the most effective to avoid a collapse of the protein.
Casein powder is digested by the body at a pace that is relatively slower compared to whey protein. Before being absorbed by the muscles and casein is digested by the stomach with the help of gastric juices. This process helps provide a constant and regular supply of amino acids, proteins that are needed to prevent catabolizing muscles.
The biological value of proteins of casein is 77, a number that is less than whey and egg, whose value of 104 and 100 respectively. The biological value represents the amount of protein that is absorbed by the system. Despite the lower value, however, casein has been proven, scientifically and statistically, to have abundant benefits than others.
Protein casein makes up for its low biological value from its high content of glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps get your muscles, and prevents damage and improves the immune system. Another advantage of casein lies in its ability to fight colon cancer.
Casein is considered a high quality protein that benefits the body in a variety of ways. Casein protein is recommended to be taken before going to bed; dairy products are one of the most prominent sources that keep the protein casein.