Friday, May 27, 2011

Menstrual blood storage for the production of stem cells life-saving appliances

at 6:30 AM
According to a recent study of cell show published transplantation section of Cryo-cell international stem cells present in the menstrual blood a faster growth. The menstrual blood stem cells have the ability to spread quickly in different types of cells. You can be fat, nervous, cartilage, bones and even cardiogenic cells. The menstrual blood cells are called MenSCs. The study, which is stressed the benefits of stem cells, that they multiply at a fast rate and in a large number and are therefore able to cure diseases more effectively.
In addition, there were also several other studies in various categories carried out. It was found that menstrual blood stem cells can cure a variety of diseases. Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis and Parkinson's disease are some of the examples below. It is predicted, that such stem cells as medication for sport treatments and can be used in anti-aging products. After the analysis based on this study findings, scientists also are from these cells to cure a high potential, some of the serious diseases have one day.
The Vice President of research & Development Department of Cryo cell International Inc., researcher Julie Allickson believes that the results achieved by the study are excellent. The collection of such a type of stem cells as a day is safe use and extraction. The stem cells are extracted by menstrual blood memory and is therefore these cells are easy accessible and renewable form of stem cells. In addition, the study has also led to any controversy. Further, try doctors also the efficacy and safety of cells in animal models. It is done to bring new advancement in the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular regenerative and neurodegenerative therapy.
Dr. Camillio Ricordi Director of Diabetes Research Institute and cell transplant center in Miami University says that the MenSCs have been found to have several features such as the embryonic stem cells. This is the reason, that scientists today are the women menstrual blood promotion to the stem cells collect to get. During the study, the scientists collected the sample blood in a menstrual cup. The cells were then tested for quality control in laboratory conditions. A culture was grown functions for the evaluation of the growth. They were also analysed to determine cell lines to develop their potential, to determine which cells would be useful for the treatment.
Seventy-five percent were collected from five million cells viable and their doubling rate was 24-36 hours. About 50,000 cells grown in a day and had about 48 million cells were collected over a period of less than one month. The study is among many of the other most promising research works, which will help bring some of the most anticipated results. Therefore, should the women who want to present menstrual blood donations. Cryo cell operates many further research in the field of the result to appear the next year. The company strives, broaden the scope of research through the collaboration with researchers around the world, which cause to give their contribution in this novel.