Saturday, May 7, 2011

MGD is one of the main causes for dry eye syndrome.

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Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is a scientifically recognized procedure manage various skin diseases like vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, rosacea, sun damage and acne, as also unwanted hair to remove. IPL manufactured devices for the first time in 1994, mainly relating to the dermatologist.

They are sometimes called laser. But the IPL are different in fact devices of the laser, as well as the light from a very bright, high-energy strobe lamp that emits light of different wavelengths is (which means that they different colors). On the other hand, real lasers are a device that produces | Issue the light single wavelength (and only one color).

IPL light wavelengths 420-1200 nanometers. With the appropriate filter for the separation, the doctor can block, the shorter wavelengths and allows only the longer waves happen. Wavelength can be selected depending on the depth of the target structure. Light is introduced, to prevent, as damaging a single pulse or a mini-split pulses separated by short intervals, too much heat from the building and the skin because the light in the tissue.

Ability to heat in target tissues of new ideas work in the IPL devices for the treatment of Meibom gland dysfunction (MGD alternative Meibomitis blepharitis and posterior called) to produce. 2002-2003, IPL technology is used for the treatment of MGD for the first time.

MGD is one of the main causes for dry eye syndrome. MGD comes from a variety of reasons, so it is very difficult to treat disease. But this means usually inflammation of Meibom or glands of the eyelids where gland secretions of its inauguration, the size of the envelope stop a thick or hardened Meibom sezernierende oil. Meibom caused gland dysfunction by publications of oil, oil, or the lack of excess oil, is the to viscose or abnormal quality. As a result an unstable tear film and affects evaporate the tears too quickly from the surface of the eye, creating of burning, itching, sensation gritty and other symptoms of dry eye.

MGD treatments with IPL devices select you a narrow band of wavelengths of light (500-800 nm), heat producing eyelid skin. Minuscule blood vessels beneath the epidermis for the light and the temperature rises, Meibom gland, the secretions, stiff start to melt and open up the glands. The doctor is then some pressure, the gland to remove all annoying secretions. The heat is driving the skin of the eyelids and microbes such as bacteria and parasites that can affect the MGD. If you feel a warm compress best, you find that the IPL is essentially a high-tech version.

In most cases, only the lower eyelid gland is treated. Lower lid, heat generated will be transported to the upper glands. Warming benefits, rubs to expand, you indirectly, as well as it and encourage that gland expression must take place. IPL intervention, the quantity and quality of Meibom gland secretions dry to normalize the relief from eye symptoms.