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MMA weight training errors

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MMA training error # 1 weight-training rigorously muscles of the mirror.
A lot of times & grapplers fighters come to me with a swollen chest, biceps, shoulders sixpack abs & defined. With a large figure that is expected to be strong, but I couldn't tell you how many fighters & grapplers come to me that it is not possible to perform a few simple chinups. In many ways MMA & grappling especially can be considered a sport to pull, would make sense to develop the muscles pulling? At most times, almost every fighter and grappler who is training with me has weak hamstrings & gluteus muscles. These muscles are solely responsible for hip extension and therefore an important factor in the sprawling, lifting an opponent, throwing strikes more powerful shots by KO, throwing your opponent and darting on an opponents legs. A lot of underdevelopment of hamstrings and buttocks is not always the fault of the individual; There are just a lot of options note different from hamstring curl.
Error of weight training MMA 2-weightlifting.
MMA fighters, grapplers are always & up to & come to me saying that they want to become stronger. When I ask them if you've been lifting weights, all most of them say a resounding Yes. During our first training will usually sit and watch their level of intensity, form, technique, etc. The most common finding is that when I tell them to do an exercise for say, 3 sets of 8 repetitions, they always raise the same weight for each set. When they start to go for the same weight again once you have done so easily in the first set I go to them and ask "are you happy with your current level of force?" Almost always respond with a "no" which leads me to think "why lifting weights are the same as & above that you have given the current level of strength?!"
MMA weight training error 3-repetition of the same exercises.
This is one of the biggest problems that I find not only fighters and grapplers, but with everyone. The body gets used to do exercises and begins to adapt. If you were to perform the same techniques over and over again with the same type of representatives of &, you would not have much to show for you would be? Advances in understanding the technique would plateau in a very short time. But when you start mixing different configurations, finishes the same takedown & corners or awesome combination will become a much more dangerous fighter. The same thing happens in the weight room, probably with bench. How many people know that desk whenever they go into the weight room? The first couple of weeks, or months probably make some gains consistent right? But when their body begins to adapt to their bench stimulus stops. This is when you need to start by mixing different variants, but nobody seems to want to stay with their rigid routines because "it worked in the past" or "some bodybuilders wrote in a newspaper article that this was the surest way to achieve the full development of pec" or something along those lines.
Error of weight training MMA 4-using too many machines
In a fight or grappling matches almost always going to stabilize the various joints, some more than others depending on the position you're in. Why it makes sense to use machines with only fixed patterns of movement that completely eliminate the need for stabilisation? Trust me, ditch the machines & go train with free weights, you get a specific workout a lot better, more efficient, more combat &.
Error of weight training MMA 5-stop lifting entirely during a training camp.
Now, it is very likely not to set any new records during a training camp (most likely due to the increase in the volume of packaging & training sessions), eliminating the program entirely strength training is a great way to lose most of your strengths and weaknesses to be at a big fight. If you're worried about making the cut, only reduce the volume of the program. Instead of 4-5 Sep 8-10 repetitions, do 2-3 sets of 5-6 Reps this will reduce the total volume of more than half in most cases and will ensure that you are not stimulating muscle growth during a time when you're trying to lose weight.
Error of weight training MMA 6-performance of high Rep conditioning workouts at the gym.
Among all packaging, sparring sessions & technique, expected to get enough conditioning? Then why are you doing workouts ultra high representative in the weight room during training sessions of strength? Training camps are identical to the seasons in duration and physical demands on the body. There was a number of studies on wrestlers to measure during pre and post season strength and power and the researchers found that the wrestlers who were not in a program of maintenance oriented strength during the season, has experienced a lot of loss in strength and power by the end of the season. A 12 week is very identical in length to a season of wrestling. Don't let the loss similar in strength and power to ruin your shot at success!
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