Friday, May 27, 2011

Promises a new tools of embryonic stem cell research, genetic disorders effectively heal

at 1:51 AM
Stem cell technology has always been an advanced and is an integral part of the medical history. SC are the immature cells, have the ability to develop into different cells and tissues in the body. The cells can in two types - adult categorizes cells and cells grow embryonic SC adult already developed in adult tissues. Until today were adults in blood, muscles, skin, bones and brain found. Embryonic SC are isolated from embryos. The SC are as life-saving cells specific for patients with leukemia or other blood diseases-Lymphoma, and some tumors. Today, medical experts employ to find how stem cells can be used for the treatment of diseases and injuries.
Recently, cooperation between famous physician from Detroit and Michigan opened University of new embryonic stem cell lines. This SC rows are called a milestone, researchers in the study of the formation and development of some certain diseases and also to find new treatments for some deadly diseases to help. Rows created by Michigan University include two new SC gene for inherited diseases. Stem line has gen not what causes hemophilia B, a condition in the blood will clot the genetic mutation. While other Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease gene take disorder in which the muscles in the hand, get lower leg and foot degenerate.
The researchers could new stem cell line during embryo program by Dr. Hughes in the year 2008 facilitates. Hughes is an expert in genetic diagnosis before embryo implantation. The test helps have pairs, healthy baby in the case, if the child shows signs of hereditary disease. In accordance with the stem cell therapy, infertile couples are required to go through the phenomenon of the in-vitro fertilization embryo generated in Petri dish and then implanted. Before the implantation, Hughes checks each cell to ensure that they have no risk of mutations.
Former embryos must genetically mutated genes were discarded use how couples use them. Today, Hughes and other doctors require couples to donate it. According to him, medical science is interested in today, to treat such cells. Is life of sick infants to U-M such as healing. Those who are suffering injuries of the spinal cord is impressed by the progress of research of the University of Michigan. A few days earlier, a few dystrophy, a disorder donated an embryo with gene for myotonic the progressive muscle wasting and successful approval embryo with genetic diseases in the future have received donations of many couples.
The research will be as fruitful for the future of stem cell research in Michigan. U M is to generate the first embryonic stem cell lines. It would be a boon for the patients and doctors fight to heal diseases. It is a hope that many new facts in the light will this research will be solution for many other diseases may be another. Therefore the best thing, that a person can do in the current moment, couples use medical techniques and genetically mutated embryos to spoil to donate the future of these children.