Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sleep after lunch often make mistakes of older people

at 11:00 PM
When the summer comes, is during the day, and it is difficult to sleep in hot night, are so many old people at midday break have lived. Research has shown that effective NAP can improve brain metabolism in the afternoon and fresh blood and nutrients to tired brain supplement. The incidence of angina pectoris and cerebral infarction can reduce regular break after old people. The following, it should be noted several errors.
First of all, they are fighting not to sleep. Some older people are afraid of, have NAP in the afternoon, so that they insist not to sleep they lunch very tired are difficult sleep in the evening. In fact, which has corresponding lunch break is not night sleep, but insistence on not to sleep the brain make more tired.
Secondly, you make with sleep. Some older people think that it is simply, a lunch break, have, so they often casually on sofa or on the couch to sleep or even on the desktop. This is not correct. Sleeping on the sofa reduced blood supply to the head, and they have dizziness, Vertigo, and other phenomenon after waking up, in particular for older people who suffer from cervical spondylosis. So people should wear comfortable clothes and lie on the bed a good break.
Thirdly to long sleep. The NAP time should not exceed 1 hour. If the time is too long, the brain will deepen the inhibition of the central nervous system and increase the shutting time of brain capillaries, and tired feeling so that the relative will reduce cerebral blood flow and body metabolism gradually moderated, too inconvenient after waking up.
Fourthly, you sleep immediately after lunch. After lunch, accelerate the stomach and intestines work and much blood in the body focused on digestive system. So, the oxygen to the brain obviously decreases, and it is not appropriate, go to sleep immediately. It is better to sleep half an hour after the meal.
In addition, the NAP should consider also the following. Not greasy food or food to full before going to bed, because it affects the normal cardiac contraction and relaxation and oily food viscosity and coronary blood disease increase. The sleeping position should high head and low feet in order to reduce the load on the heart. Get up to, it is better, as for example to heart or breast milk for five to ten massage minutes and then drink a cup of water, light exercise on bed.

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