Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three things done after dinner may be the murders of your health

at 11:24 AM
A: we should drink not tea or smoking after dinner
The harm of smoking is after a meal 10 times more than usual! This is because the blood circulation in the digestive tract to increase largely, include food, smoking during this time, which would cause a large number of harmful substances in cigarettes, which would damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, and the relevant diseases cause. In the meantime would better not tan after the meal, drink the tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, drinking tea after a meal, the protein that the stomach would make any time, together with the tannic acid, form not digestible precipitation to digest. Therefore can drink tea after a meal that would reduce absorption of protein, in addition, the absorption of iron, impede it would result in the iron deficiency in a long-term.
Two: do not eat fruit after a meal
The fruits are rich in certain carbohydrate-rich substances, they are the rule in the small intestine are absorbed. Eat fruit after a meal, the food in the stomach would be blocked that would not only affect the digestion of food, but also lead to bloating, diarrhea, or excessive stomach acid, constipation and other symptoms.
In addition not fish and shrimp eat eating grapes and other acidic fruit immediately, as much protein and calcium include fish and shrimp, food containing fruit, tannic acid, it is not easily digestible form substance and cause stomach problems.
You would eat two or three hours later or an hour before the meal better fruits after a meal. If you have eaten sausages cooked food, eating some oranges or lemons later are good for health, because some cooked food products for which health can be rich in vitamin C, which inhibit sodium Nirite as contain a preservation, the Orange is the synthesis of sodium nitrite and use.
Third, do not you take a bath, cleaning the teeth, you lose the belt after a meal
After dinner take a bath, the blood of body surface increases, the blood in the would accordingly reduce stomach intestine share, would be reduced so the stomach gastric function and cause indigestion. Also, as some people brushing your teeth after meals, but brush teeth after meals the tooth enamel would directly damage. In addition, although loosen belts after the dinner would make comfortable stomach will cause intra-abdominal pressure, stomach forcing freight on the digestive organs and tapes, bagging, and thus increase stomach increase a decrease in the Peristaltic, prone to volvulus, intestinal obstruction, and PTOSIS of stomach and other symptoms.