Sunday, May 22, 2011

UTI-lesser known factors and causes

at 8:08 AM
Probably the most common cause of UTI in women (who reported the account for the vast majority of all urinary tract infection), is sex. The physical act and the nature of a female anatomy makes women more susceptible than men. Their urethra are substantially shorter and the distance between the anus and the opening of the urethra is much shorter. No real surprise.
But did you know that using a spermicide, independent of the frequency of sexual intercourse will also increase the risk and occurrence of a UTI in women? If you add the use of a diaphragm that substantially increases the risk. If you are currently using a diaphragm and spermicide as a method of birth control are affected by primary and recurrent UTI, you may want to consider an alternative method of birth control.
There are other problems that may increase the likelihood and frequency of a UTI, including an enlarged prostate gland in men (increased risk of UTI in men over 60), kidney, or a congenital anomaly or urinary tract. Anything that causes a limited or reduced the flow of urine or cause a person to urinate less frequently can cause an increase in the number of UTI.
There is only anecdotal evidence that pregnancy may increase the risk of UTI, but it is generally accepted that if a UTI develop during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of urinary tract infection, progressing to a kidney infection. Some clinical trials suggest that this risk increases during weeks 4 to 26. There is also some evidence that a UTI during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm or low birth weight. If you suspect you are pregnant and you have a UTI, you should contact your health care provider immediately.
It is important to remember that while there are some circumstances that may increase the chance to develop a UTI, or situations where the risk associated with a UTI have risen, as 50% of patients with UTI will get rid of the infection without any intervention. The majority of infections are caused by sexual intercourse or improper personal hygiene and can easily be taken to avoid recurrent infections. However there are certainly situations where impeccable hygiene and abstinence (or sexual intercourse very careful) does not address a recurrent UTI. Also if you are suffering from a UTI and want relief, there are definitely steps you can take to provide immediate relief and to address the root cause of your typical UTI without treatment of antibiotics and Dr. visits.