Sunday, May 8, 2011

We have now designed laser, the superficial abnormal blood vessels

at 2:20 AM
Laser beams are a single wavelength of light. Medical laser were developed in the last 50 years with different wavelengths to unwanted stains as broken capillaries, eliminate age spots, freckles and moles.
We have now designed laser, the superficial abnormal blood vessels; Laser, the abnormal pigmentation aiming; those who the pigment in tattoos and laser, the water in the skin's surface to improve the texture and reduce scars remove.
Laser hair removal has been available since the early 1990s in the trade. It is known since the 1960s that lasers could destroy weaknesses and hair follicles, but it took many years to develop technology that enables the laser of the hair follicles of your choice without burning the surrounding skin. A number of different lasers can be used for including Alexandrite, diode lasers and ND: YAG laser hair removal.
Alexandrite laser (755nm) are the most effective for hair removal confirmed by numerous studies as one. Which is particularly effective by the use of a built-in cooling unit candela Alexandrite laser on dark skin types as well as Caucasian skins can be used.
Intense pulsed light (IPL) devices generate an intense white light, which then filtered, so that the ultraviolet (UV)-Wellenlängen are removed.
If GPLs were first available, they were used only for the treatment of blood vessels. In the next few years, several other uses for IPL were found including hair removal.
There was an expectation that IPL laser would replace. It was believed that, that an IPL, different wavelengths, producing a pseudo laser of kind of IPL can filter.
After 10 years of experience with IPL we know now, that is not as accurate as laser filtered IPL and, that it is not possible to control the side effects of his multi-wavelength light. This is a good and a bad thing. The advantage is that we have discovered other effective uses for IPL, such as improvement of the texture and pigmentation.
IPL can be useful also for the control of acne outbreaks. The downside of the IPL is that it is not very effective for hair removal. Also, its effects are not always predictable, even at relatively low power settings and it can be dangerous if used on dark skin types.
IPL Burns tend to lower and often loss of pigmentation in the lead burned skin.
There are many studies show that IPL is not as effective as laser hair removal. If you seriously hair removal, laser is a specific treatment and has a better safety profile.