Monday, May 23, 2011

What does actually mean a Warm-Up

at 6:00 AM
You often hear that before you do any kind of physical activity, you should warm up be. You are told that in the warm-up will help ensure that you are not injured while you participate in a sport or any other kind of vigorous activity. However, actually say only a few people what means warm one.
The whole object of a warm up is your body a chance, a medium-sized gear instead of trying to take from low gear in a high pressure.
A good warm up routine should do the following:
-Sie get higher your heart beat.
-A faster heart rate will increase the speed of flowing blood in your body. Quick change blood means that oxygen to reach all your muscles with a higher rate.
-The actual muscles in your body the blood flow will be due to the increase in warmer. Looser and more flexible than one that is cold be a muscle which is warm.
-Your blood is thin as it warms. This enables the supply with blood through your body faster move.
-Adrenalin is released into your body at a gradual rate. Adrenaline, which is produced in the adrenal gland is a hormone. This hormone is part of the body to fight or flight response system and if released into the body it is respiratory system and blood vessels.
-Expand their capillaries. A capillary is the smallest blood vessels in your body. It is here that the oxygen and other nutrients to the surrounding tissue from blood transmitted.
-Their bodies increases the speed of synovial fluid makes you. This is the body fluid, which lubricates the joints. The increase of this liquid allows your joints in a liquid movements move move. There is less friction.
-Sie begin to focus and concentrate on the upcoming physical activity. This is the time when you stop work should and focus on that, breathing and your body work.
-The hemoglobin in your body increases where there is oxygen releases.
-Your body begins to the stored sources of energy access. The body stores its primary energy in the adipose tissue. The fat is the fat tissue. The secondary source is the glycogen.
-Your metabolism increases. The metabolism is the rate, which your body is processing chemicals. In this process either reduce of organic matter is your body, or is it in new combinations. The break is known as catabolism and the build process is known as anabolism.
A proper warm up get all started the systems and processes and help your body to the rate of production to increase gradually.

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