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What external hemorrhoids?

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What external hemorrhoids?

Although they are more than fifty impact almost every second person many years, hemorrhoids Externesrestent a taboo subject in France. But where many individuals are concerned, only a few really know what are the external hemorrhoids and how to heal. If you are in this situation, see the following and you know finally much more about you.

External hemorrhoids are the veins that enter in the anus or rectum and stay fully dilated, while the regular veins, which do not extend during bowel movement. You are much more sensitive than internal hemorrhoids due to their position in the extremely delicate skin of the anus. In General, external hemorrhoids are caused by constipation, age or pregnancy. Attacks finale a number of days, during the affected individual itching, bleeding and discomfort, feels when sitting. Although they can be more easily processed, some instances may be medical treatment.
-Äußere hemorrhoids can complex receive?

If you really believe that maintain the effects and intensify, it may be a signal that a blood clot in a hemorrhoid is marked. Don't worry, there's no real danger, but you must handle all curiosity as it is very painful so fast. It is also possible that external hemorrhoids cause anemia due to blood loss. It should be, doctor at the initial bleeding, search, even if they are not important. Certainly, it is possible that this not external hemorrhoids, but instead a different kind of disease or other health issue.
How to avoid external hemorrhoids? External hemorrhoids

You can avoid hemorrhoids by the integration of a large amount of fiber in your diet plan. For example, you can much more cereals, whole wheat bread or fruit and vegetables rich in dietary fiber food. It is also recommended that you keep sufficient to use water and a balanced diet. External hemorrhoids can be prevented with regular physical exercise and a healthy gut.

The first factor is to do, hygiene give greater attention. Anal area should be saved always very clean and are cleaned after every Chair. Nevertheless, avoid scented toilet all that often use chemicals. Opt for cotton underwear and avoid coffee, alcohol, pepper, and all spices. In most cases, symptoms should disappear a few weeks following. We recommend however, consult your doctor at the first traffic light piles quickly and efficiently get rid of external.

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