Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The wheel of hair loss treatments and innovation

at 8:40 PM
With the onset of the technology, there is an increasing rate, coming up with innovations in medical science. These innovations are doing things very easy for doctors, surgeons and also for the general public, thanks to the convenience and comfort that new technology has to offer. New medical innovations have not only made things simple but have increased costs at the same time. The costs of obtaining a treatment has almost doubled in recent times compared to the cost paid for some years before.
Changing times
Since prehistoric times to the modern age, if we look at developments in medicinal science, the wheels of innovation have always been churning and that too at a pace faster, gaining momentum even faster each time. Let's churn the wheel backwards and take a look at some ancient remedies used for hair loss treatments. As we all know that in almost every medical segment, the Egyptians were known to be the pioneers when it comes to natural remedies and ancient practices of medicines, the case of treatments is no different.
The ancient Egyptians believed that hair is a symbol of status and pride and its maintenance was considered to be equally as important as the health maintenance. The Egyptians believed that could prevent or treat hair loss by covering their heads with fat crocodiles and Lions. No account is available to demonstrate in what extent this was effective, but did prevail such a practice. Another account of hair loss treatment dates back to the time of Napoleon and Julius Caesar. It states that both Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from hair loss and were afraid to go bald. Thus, hiding their receding hairline by combing your hair back forward.
Even if the account on Napoleon and Caesar cannot be considered a treatment, but yes, it was a significant anecdote that depict the fear of baldness by centuries. Well, times have changed and more advanced techniques and effectively came into existence. The onset of the modern era, herbal treatments to prevent and stop the falling hair or hair were found. They gained a lot of popularity and are still practised in some regions. Herbal remedies are an integral part of pills natural hair loss that are available today.
Then came the time when fear of baldness has risen to an all-time high, and that was the time when the clinic of hair loss treatment hair transplants as it is entered into existence, who got the huge fan following because of his quick results. But people were not aware about the dangers of these treatments and scientists, as restless as ever, made life easier for people to invent PDA and lasercombs of which have been effective, discreet, easy to useuber cool, convenient, and.
Now, until today, as the lasercombs HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 and other similar products have been crowding the shelves in the market and with every passing day, their popularity is growing. The range of comb HairMax is the only FDA-approved brand of laser Combs at the moment.
Today, the laser technology boasts its prowess over other hair loss treatments, not knowing that as other techniques fell out of the test of time, perhaps even more advanced technology only is preparing for his downfall. Can be coined a new world said: "no wait time and technology." Let's just wait and see.
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