Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why is it important to buy organic, Paraben Free skin care products

at 4:40 PM
Since we were born, we begin to age. This is very difficult to accept, especially for women. Perhaps the thing that makes an issue even worse from the point of view of young ladies is the pressure that is put on them by the media, because they have almost only thin, beautiful, wrinkle-free women on the covers of magazines, in television programs and also on images that are located on the internet. More and more women have started to take a stand against this trend with the launch of campaigns meant to launch the careers of plus size models or going free make-up and refusing to be treated with the help of computer software Photoshop to look like they have a smooth and glowing skin. Legislative bodies from Britain were also new regulations banning of magazines and billboards to advertise digitally edited images.
Every woman has her secrets and methods to combat the effects of the aging process. For example, some think that the simplest alternative is to go to a plastic surgeon and convince him to cancel a few wrinkles or lift the skin where it needs to be revoked. Others prefer the harder and longer. It's efforts on multiple levels, but supporters of natural ways to treat body and graceful aging are certainly endorsing them, due to their amazing results. Organic skin care is the trend that most people have started to stick to.
The whole concept behind the lines of skin care products is organic synthetic ingredients that are not used in their manufacture. In fact, US State laws that, for example, an organic skin cream has to contain more than 95 natural origin ingredients such as fruit or plants, in order to be considered. No medical or beauty expert I would advise on the introduction of chemicals into your body into the skin in order to make it glow because this technique usually backfires showing the effects of chemicals at a later date.
A line of skin care products may contain many organic elements that you can use to improve the appearance of your skin or your overall health. For example, you can buy an organic skin cream or perhaps organic soaps, shower gel, shampoo, conditioners, exfoliating gel or masks, creams, lotions, moisturizers, make-up products, primers, toothpastes, organic vitamins and minerals and also organic tampons. The nice thing is that they are all paraben free. Parabens as methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparabe are derived from petroleum. They are used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry, but are meant to be one of the many causes of breast cancer or skin.
Any organic skin care products you use, make sure that even having a proper diet and hydrate yourself permanently for the best results. Although it is true that paraben free products are the most recommended, not many people use them because they are unaware of their positive results. Make sure you always take care of yourself with the help of products most effective for organic skin care and you will see the results at a later stage in your life.