Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your definition of physical fitness will determine your success

at 7:36 PM
It always amazes me that FITNESS is a multi-billion dollar industry. Still a solid, concise definition and universal fitness is hard to nail down.
Just ask someone participating in a program of physical fitness, or even someone in the fitness industry for that matter, to give a clear definition of fitness.
You will most likely met the gaze "deer caught in the headlights" accompanied by stuttering to absurd.
If you get a reply, you will most likely be inclined towards the specific abilities of the person who asked.
For example ...
A marathoner define fitness in terms of muscle strength and cardiorespiratory endurance ... Power-lifter define fitness in terms of absolute strength. A bodybuilder will define fitness in terms of size and muscle definition ... etc.
But the vast majority of people who participate in a program of physical fitness professional athletes is not concerned with the improvement of physical capacity only.
Therefore, basing your definition of fitness on a specific physical abilities does not lead to a universal definition of fitness.
The fact is that the success of physical fitness will be determined by its definition of fitness ... So take some time to make sure you have a clear definition of fitness.
Once you see how a clear definition of fitness can improve your physical training, I wonder how you ever physically trained in the past without one.
So what would be a universal definition of fitness be for someone who wanted to physically train to become a better human being, all-around?
I'm glad you asked ... but let's step by step.
Here's a good definition of Fitness ...
The degree of competence and ability to play in all the physical abilities of endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and robustness.
I can already hear the criticism from the athletic crowd. You cannot "maximize" the performance of all physical abilities in this definition of fitness at the same time.
And they are absolutely right!
Fitness is not about the "maximisation" of a particular physical abilities at a particular time, but rather "optimisation" of all physical abilities at a given time.
Fitness is a compromise of all the different physical skills that make up the human activity.
Watch this way ...
Let's say that all physical abilities are tested separately.
Some specialized athletes would score very high on some physical skills ... and very low on others.
But a person who personified fitness true, universal would score well on all the physical abilities ... without necessarily being the best at any skill.
Here's an excellent definition Fitness ...
The compromise is acceptable and approved of competence and ability to perform in all areas of endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and robustness to produce results of performance under the most amount of circumstances.
Not only is it a compromise universal fitness of all physical abilities ... but is the ability of most of all to integrate all the physical abilities and the ability to stream to the next in a seamless fashion to successfully complete a task.
So, that the adoption of this definition of fitness would do for you?
The training program of physical fitness would be assessed according to how well "optimized" all physical abilities, and not just as good "zoomed in" a particular skill at the expense of all others.
Basically, structuring your physical training to improve all the physical abilities of this definition of eligibility would greatly improve physical performance over a wider variety of tasks.
Now isn't that the reason why most of us physically train?
Consider this definition of fitness and use it to measure your current training program.
How well measure up?
If your current workout program that is missing ... is definitely the time for a change.
Your fitness success depends on it!

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