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Baby toddler lactose formula

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Baby Toddler lactose Formula
Baby toddler formula lactose is the only organic milk lactose formula on the American market that does not contain lactose. This formula is designed for children who are lactose intolerant and is the perfect alternative for parents who wish to avoid soy protein in the diet of their child. Only organic lactose free baby is a milk-based formula, but the milk sugar lactose or has been removed using a special enzyme process.

Product characteristics
Ideal for parents who prefer a vegetarian diet for their child
This formula is made with only all non-GMO soy
Ideal when a child suffers from the genetic disease galactosemia

Important information
Organic rice syrup, organic milk protein concentrate, organic sunflower oil, high oleic acid, organic soybean oil, coconut oil, monopotassium phosphate organic, tricalcium phosphate, potassium citrate, soya lecithin, vanilla, organic, organic dimagnesium malate phosphate, sodium chloride, calcium ascorbate (Vit. C), calcium citrate, taurine, CHOLINE BITARTRATE, inositol, ferrous sulfate, natural Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. And zinc sulfate), Niacinamide, vitamin a palmitate, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, Thia

Natures one recommends that parents resist switching their diet from breast milk to the baby milk or lactose drink, once that person reaches that benchmark of 12 months. Rather, they offer only organic baby how to drink throughout the day to provide the energy needed to sustain an active child. Other drinks are unable to provide complete nutrition and critics such as fatty acids found in baby formulas only organic baby. Only organic baby is recommended up to 3 years of age.

Legal Disclaimer
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by Bbrownlee
All local health food and/or grocery stores sell this same size for $ 14. The question is to buy enough to have plenty in the pantry, which is why I would like to order it from Amazon. However, the price keeps making me crazy more trips to the grocery store to construct our warehouse.

From Palmer, Yale
I studied this product and found it to be superior to all others, including the best of Earth, my daughter loves it as well. However, I find it strange that amazon sells this product for $ 21.00 a can (12.7 oz). Typically buying a can of 12.7 oz from Whole Foods for $ 14. 00, I thought that I could find on amazon less expensive but is considerably more.