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Balinese massage-what to expect after the sessions

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Balinese massage is probably one of the most popular and commonly used traditional forms of Indonesian massage. It uses the combination of several different massage techniques to create a new and improved therapy which involves healing, soothing and balancing of qi.

This type of therapy was developed in Bali, Indonesia which is enjoyed there as a common type of massage therapy offered in public spas nationwide. Balinese is established in the Ayurvedic system which is a popular traditional medicine practiced among Buddhist countries.

What to expect:

Prior to your scheduled therapy date, your massage therapist will advice you to stay away from caffeine and drink lots of water to aid the body in removing toxins. The therapist will also tell you to eat a light meal instead of having a heavy diet before the day of your session as this will make you uncomfortable during the therapy. Proper scrubbing of the body while bathing before going to the spa for the therapy can also boost your confidence for knowing that you are clean as the therapist maneuvers his or her hands all over the body. The therapist may also inform you to wear an old cloth after the session if you would want to keep your cloth after the therapy. This is because of the massage oils used during the therapy which can leave marks of stains on your shirt or pants.

Expect slight painful experiences during the therapy especially when the acupressure and reflexology methods are used. The masseuse may take the liberty of applying various amounts of pressure on your body's meridians, however if you feel uncomfortable during these transition of pressures, telling the therapist will help him or her know your pain threshold. Although the body may feel temporary pain during and after the therapy, it will quickly be replaced with a wonderful feeling of loosened muscle groups, relief from stress and body pain, and good emotional senses.

During the therapy, special scented oils and candles are used to get the mind in a comfortable state. Aromatherapy massage is good in manipulating the emotional condition of the client. The patient is usually allowed and given the opportunity to pick three or more types of various essential oils that he or she prefers to be used on the therapy session. Essential oils are great in creating moods as well as in treating various physical and mental conditions. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals as well as in essential fatty acids which are great in keeping the skin healthy. With all these great benefits from these massage oils, negative effects of skin irritations are common especially with the nut based oils.

As a precautionary measure, patients are also advised to seek medical advice and opinion with their doctor or the massage therapist prior to having a massage therapy session of any type. Evaluation and proper assessment of the patient before the scheduled session can help a lot in minimizing the risks and contradictions of Balinese massage therapy and the other types of therapeutic massage.

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