Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crucial things to Look Out for and ask before getting Botox injections

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You've heard horror stories Botox before, like that of Eric and Bonnie Kaplan, who in 2004, went to the clinic for a friend to Botox, only to suffer from pains and wounds after receiving their injections, which progressed to difficulty breathing and paralysis of the next day. The couple spent three months in hospital intensive care and life support. Fortunately, they lived to tell the story in their book, "Dying to be young: from Botox to botulism."
Turns out that Eric and Bonnie Kaplan were injected with raw botulinum toxin type A, that their friend was mixing itself. That particular mix of their friend injected them with botulinum toxin has been turned off, which leads to botulism poisoning.
While these cases are rare, it is still important to know everything about what is injected into you before you undergo Botox treatment. Here are some things that you should always watch out for:
1) is really Botox?
There are several famous brands of botulinum toxin type a in the market, such as Botox and Dysport. Different botulinum toxins are generic appeared often (manufactured in China), some of them are not properly tested or quality controlled. Avoid these at all costs.
Never assume. Check that your doctor uses Botox by Allergan original and feel free to ask to see the bottle, if you want to be sure.
2) who is doing the Botox injections for you?
Only caregivers can inject Botox. In Singapore, only physicians are licensed to perform this procedure. Finding a reputable physician specialized in aesthetic medicine to perform injections for you.
This differs in other countries. For example, the USA, trained registered nurses and physician assistants can inject Botox, depending on which state you live in. However, should be under the supervision of a qualified physician who prescribed injection for you. They should also be able to show proof of their medical education, training and licensure.
3) Botox should only be done in a proper medical clinic
I had a patient who told me that she had received Botox injections in a neighbouring country, a hairdresser, Salon!
Although Botox is very safe, a medical procedure and should not be taken lightly. Should only be done in a doctor's surgery, with adequate facilities. You can talk with other people who have had their Botox done previously at the clinic for their feedback, to get an idea if the clinic and the doctor that you are visiting is good.
4) learn about the possible side effects of Botox
Ask and understand possible risks associated with Botox, and if your injector has experience with them. If your doctor tells you that he never had a single case of side-effects, then it probably is lying, or that simply hasn't done many cases.
Most of the side effects with Botox are related, such as swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection. These are temporary and resovle alone.
Other more serious ones include asymmetry and eyelid PTOSIS (Chino)-ask your doctor about these well before proceeding.
5) the price is too good to be true?
Finally, Botox procedures are expected to cost anywhere between SGD $ 400-$ 1,000 in Singpaore or USD $ 300-$ 800 in the United States. If you are paying significantly less, alarm bells should start ringing. Your primer maybe using a different product, which may be of a lower quality, or worse yet, a non-liscensed of botulinum toxin type A, like the one that caused the Kaplan to nearly lose their lives.
Botox is a cosmetic procedure very common, but let's not forget that botulinum toxin is one of the world's deadliest substances. Finding a good doctor and clinic and learn everything you need to know before you get your injections do! ?
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