Saturday, June 18, 2011

Demystifying death

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I was pondering on how and why people die when they do. Why would you find that two people who are in the same accident, have similar injuries, and obtain the same calibre of treatment; yet one lives and the other dies. There must be another factor that comes into play here. I think that factor is Will. Not Will Smith; but that which drives us. The will to live.

Tupac was shot. Eleven times was it? He was put on life support according to his mother, and he stopped breathing. They attempted to resuscitate him many times, and his mother said she could see him resisting life. Finally, she asked them to just let him go. According to her as well, Tupac constantly said he would die young; that he had only a short time to live...are these self-fulfilling prophesies? My friend Andrew was in an accident, and he was told he would never walk again. Shortly after that, he went into heart failure and died on the operating table. Could he not take anymore? Did he decide he couldn't live in a wheelchair? A few weeks before my mother died, she seemed to wind down. She stopped doing things she normally did, slept a lot; played less with her grandson...then she had a stroke and died. A few weeks ago, my uncle told us of an incident where a seven year old drowned in their swimming pool. He was a good swimmer, and there was a life guard present. The boy just sank into the water, without making a sound or struggling. And when they pulled him out, he wasn't breathing. Did he say, enough? Time out. Game over? What other explanation is there? The body instinctively fights for life. This boy didn't.

I think that we decide, when it is our time to go. We look around and something visceral in us says; you know what? I have finished what I came here to do. It is time for me to go. I feel tired of living; Bernie Mac said he was tired, my former neighbour who had sickle cell anaemia said she was tired. Time to rest. Time to go home. In a way, it's a comfort. It means that death is not so arbitrary as it seems. It means there is a choice. And as Dumbledore said in Chamber of Secrets, 'to the well-organised mind, death is the next great adventure.'

Annemarie Musawale
Creativity Defined.

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