Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fruit as an aphrodisiac?

at 4:00 PM
I live here in Davao City and lies here in the Philippines. Its an island nation located in the Southeast Asian region. My hometown is famous for its fruit which claimed to be an aphrodisiac by those people who have this eating. This fruit called Durian, which is also known as the King of fruits in Southeast Asia.
First, lets get a little overview of this fruit. The fruit called Durian is looking great and his skin is covered with thorns, so it is very important to handle it with care to prevent injury to yourself. Inside the fruit has seeds covered with rich and creamy light yellow flesh (pulp) and every fruit pulp would have various numbers of dimensions. Subsequently, this fruit has a strong odor that has contradicting effects to people. Some people are tempted by its smell, while others despise especially to those people who have the first encounter with fruit. Its odor is so intense that bringing this fruit is forbidden in hotels, hospitals and other public places in some Asian countries. Finally, this fruit has a rich buttery flavor sweet and mild that no other fruit can be compared to people who have tried eating this fruit will have an impression that "his smells like hell but tastes like heaven."
Now that was introduced this fruit, now to the main topic. This fruit really an aphrodisiac effect? A lot of people I know in my hometown that consume Durian during harvest season in August says that really has an effect of an aphrodisiac. After having consumed this fruit, they said that they feel that their body heats up and while they eat, their body heat increases to the extent that some experiences of sweating while others even take a bath only to cool their body temperature. In Indonesia, their people also has a saying called durian jatuh sarung naik or "the fall of Durian and sarong". Sarong by the way is a clothing that is a long tube of fabric that is often wrapped around the waist and worn as a kilt by men and as a skirt by women. Then you probably have an idea what will happen to men who eat this fruit.
Other benefits of the fruit is that it provides a large amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats then is a good source of energy that is practically in heated situations in which a great deal of energy you use by couples. It is also rich in Vit. C, potassium and tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid needed by our body. For me, Durian fruit is a very interesting. Once you tried to eat a pulp, then you will get hooked and end up eating all the pulp of the fruit Durian and requests to learn more. Unfortunately, the aphrodisiac effect of Durian still hasn't tried since no scientific study that could back up this effect is present. I would highly recommend to people curious about this fruit to try this and to prove if indeed it has aphrodisiac effects, but be very careful if you have diabetes or hypertension, because this can spike your blood glucose levels and blood pressure, if eaten excessively.