Friday, June 17, 2011

Having problems with infertility?

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Growing up I always in my life (photos) including getting married and raising a family. I married my husband in 2001 and we both agreed that children would be in the near future for us. But I began to suspect that there may be something wrong: irregular, light periods and only a "suspect" something was not right. Visit the OB/GYN and a few tests I turned right. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In addition, we discovered that my husband (a child from a previous relationship) had low sperm count and motility low.
The doctor explained that fertility is a quotient between couples. For example, say that the highest fertility is considered a "10". One partner might have lower fertility say a "3", but the other partner can be a "7" and since together are a "10" will probably be able to conceive without any problem. However, if both partners are "3" then you may have a problem. So we proceeded to the next stage, which is a specialist in fertility or reproductive endocrinologist. " Firstly, I have put on Metformin, since PCOS is based on insulin resistance. This alone apparently works for some people, but all you did for me was making me very sick.
Then we switched to fertility medication, Clomid oral. Clomid did help me to develop beautiful large follicles to ovulate, but still no pregnancy. Doctor, Doctor, medicine after medicine and more money than I care to think about later that we have not had a baby. We also went through three cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF) unsuccessful (one gave rise to a miscarriage early) before we realized that there must be something that we were missing. We were ready to quit but decided to try once more.
We decided to try a different approach this time. I wanted to try to add a component to our holistic treatment. Before our cycle of IVF, I did some research and found some Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins that would have helped put me and my husband in the best health possible and the position of success this time. I was skeptical, as he was 9 years old at this point, without success, but was willing to try anything to make this work. I will tell you that we have overcome our 9 year struggle with infertility through a balanced approach, principles of Ayurvedic herbs, diet and healthy lifestyle.
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Good luck!
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Lizzy Sortim
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