Friday, June 10, 2011

How to raise the boxes without getting hurt

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Always lift the knees ...

The most common injuries people receive at work and at home are always to do with the back. The back is a fundamental part of your body as you use many muscles in it for almost every movement, so it really hurts when you see. A back injury can be severely debilitating and can lead to further health problems, so it really important to avoid damage and if possible.

One of the most common ways people bad shoulders is failing to lift something heavy like a box the correct way. The wrong way to lifting may put enough strain on your back that you can pull or tear a muscle and that's when I really does hurt.

As well as lifting a box without getting hurt?

Check It first hand

Before attempting to also raise the box that you need to take a moment to check that it is not going to be too heavy. Tries to push the box with his hand. If you use a lot of force to move it then it is perhaps too heavy and you should get help. If it is not too heavy, you should also check to see that the box is kept together correctly and that nothing is going to fall off the top, bottom or sides, as this may cause you lose balance.


You may feel a bit silly to do it, but to help prepare your body to lift heavy objects is better than stretch out before. Stretch the neck, back, arms, shoulders and legs to cover all bases.

Where a lift

Find where the best place is to grab the box or whatever the type of packaging provides you are lifting. Handles or proper holes in cardboard boxes are ideal, but if it is a solid cube to try to make sure that you can put your arms all the way around it. If not, someone to help you. If you can get our arms around it, place one hand in a far corner, and the other on the near side of the opposite side.

Move slowly

When you have a good grip, get as close to the cardboard box as you can and hold it close to your body. In addition, getting as low as possible so that they are not placed above the ListBox. Now you're ready to raise. Do it with your back straight and lifting with knees. Do not be tempted to arch your back or twisting while lifting and keep the back straight the whole time that you have in your hands.

Reverse this process to put it down and hey hey presto! a box raised and put down safely with no damage done to your precious back.

Sam Qam is an expert on removal. He moved onto cardboard boxes of a million in its time and has developed an acute obsession with bubble wrap and other packing supplies.