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Kidney stones-common symptoms

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It may be that you are feeling something in your abdomen area and are skeptical about kidney stones. In such a case you must clear out your doubt as soon as possible. Following are some signs and symptoms that tell about the presence of kidney stones. So, before going to a doctor and spending money on tests find out yourself whether you need treatment or not.

1. According to researches kidney stones are hereditary and there are higher chances of you suffering from it if any member of your family has suffered from this problem. So, first of all you should revise the medical history of your family.

2. It is found that men are more susceptible to kidney stones than women are. It is not only about stones but there are many kidney problems that men are susceptible to. This statement however does not make women completely safe from this problem. They too have a risk.

3. Have you ever controlled the urge of urinating for hours at a stretch? If you are living with this habit and have practiced it many a times then you have a higher chance of having it. In fact, you may be suffering from this problem.

4. If you experience pain in the pelvic region or lower back it is better to check with a doctor. The pain may be continues or even intermittent.

5. Another symptom of kidney stones is a feverish feeling even when there is no fever. This feeling may be accompanied with lower back or pelvic pain. You will feel pain in the joints or muscle as a result of which there will be problem in bending or moving sideways. At this time you may also feel weak and lifeless.

6. You may find the color of your urine unusual or dark. This may also be accompanied with traces of blood in the urine and pain at the time of urination. When you experience these symptoms do not delay a moment to consult a doctor as there is a serious problem of kidney stones.

7. This is an extreme symptom of kidney stone- You might feel extreme pain in the lower abdomen region as if someone is stabbing you. This symptom has been described as the worst among all. This means that the problem of kidney stones has reached a later stage and an operation is required to cure it.

You must not delay to detect the later stages of these symptoms and must consult a doctor as soon as you have a doubt. Changing the lifestyle for the better is very important and will help you to ward away the extreme pain that is caused. If you have experienced or are experiencing any of such signs and symptoms then you must not delay and see a doctor to take proper medication.

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