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Learn more about the formation of the SMSTS.LOG

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Training the SMSTS.LOG (site management safety training scheme) is a form of health and safety training. It was designed specifically for site Managers, agents, and is also meant for those involved in organizing, planning, monitoring, control and administer groups of people.
The foundations course
The SMSTS.LOG course lasts five days in total. In order to complete the course, it is imperative that you attend everyday. The certificate is valid for five years. Once this period of time, you need to take a refresher course in the SMSTS.LOG file, so that your certificate can be renewed.
The course covers all legislation that is relevant to safety in a lab environment, be it civil, engineering, construction or building. The course analyzes why risk assessments are important, stresses the need to control measures and focuses on how vital it is for the workforce to understand the rules of safety and health.
The objectives of the course
The course has three main objectives. These include:
* Understand the legislation surrounding health, safety, environment and well-being as used within the workplace.
* Learn how to implement best practices within your business and always new guidance in that regard.
* Gain an understanding of the duties and responsibilities in terms of health, safety, environment and welfare.
The course agenda
The SMSTS.LOG course covers a range of subject areas such as:
* Site established
* Risk assessment
* Method declarations
* Scaffolding
* Electricity
* Excavations
* Demolition
* Spaces
Final evaluation
It is essential that participants attend all five days to qualify for the final evaluation. This shows that they are aware of all the information given in the course. The assessment will be an indication of how well you understood what I was taught.
After the completion of the course of five days, the evaluation begins. This is composed of two parts. The first part is an exam. The second part involves giving a valid solution for safety and health requirements for the activities of the site provided. Once clear of this, you qualify for the certificate of safety management in construction site. The certificate expires after five years. After this period, you must follow a refresher course SMSTS.LOG in order to renew the certificate for a further five years. The course lasts two days.
The course location
It is possible to organize these courses in-house, if companies find that a number of their staff requires training. This has a number of advantages:
* First, you can save a lot of money in terms of travel costs and time.
* You can be flexible with respect to what date and time you can schedule the course.
* Is a great way to motivate your staff and can also be used as a form of team building exercise.
Training is necessary for those SMSTS.LOG requiring a course of health and safety. Ideal for those who in a managerial position is useful for those dealing with job sites.
The SMSTS.LOG training is useful for site management. The SMSTS.LOG certification is valid for five years and covers a wide range of areas including risk assessments and method statements of CDM.
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