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The magnesium miracle

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When talking nutrition rarely will the word "magnesium" be brought up. Magnesium is an essential mineral with numerous benefits. Consider the list of the known conditions that research has correlated with deficiency of magnesium: heart disease and sudden death, asthma and chronic bronchitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, migraine headaches, and susceptible to brain damage from foods with additives.

So why don't we hear much about magnesium if it's so important? The answer is very simple: magnesium has no commercial lobby to tout its benefit's on the airwaves. Calcium has the dairy lobby, vitamin C has the citrus lobby and fiber has the grain producers.

A quick review on the magnesium and calcium relationship is in order. In short when a cell needs calcium, magnesium is responsible for letting it in and making sure it exits the cell. Calcium remaining inside the cell is dangerous and toxic! Survey's show that as much as 72% of Americans may not be getting their recommended amount of magnesium each day. When people are seen by doctors they are given calcium blockers and such. These are drugs for a deficiency that can easily be remedied by supplementing with extra magnesium. The drug companies know this because the medical researchers have repeatedly demonstrated a low level of magnesium inside cells in virtually every disorder treated by calcium channel blocking drugs. It might amaze you that magnesium is behind such a vast and variable number of disorders. Remember that magnesium's critical involvement in more than 300 important enzymatic processes influencing actions all over the body.

The source is always the same, depleted farming soils. Plants take their minerals from the soil, naturally filling their leaves, stems, flowers, and fruit with important minerals such as magnesium, selenium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and whatever else the plant needs that the soil may contain. By taking up these mineral nutrients, however, growing plants deplete them from the soils in which they grow. Cycle after cycle of crop growth without rest and replenishment can potentially leave the soil deficient in some minerals if not ALL of them. Plants use magnesium as the core around which it builds the green pigment, chlorophyll, in much the same way that we humans use the iron molecule to build the heme of hemoglobin, the pigment that imparts the red color to our blood.

In all there are 60 essential minerals that are needed daily. Magnesium is just one of these essential nutrients. Supplementing with minerals will ensure the proper intake in-light of the farm lands being depleted of their nutrients. One sentence that has killed more Americans than all wars combined is "You get all the nutrition you need from your 4 food groups".

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