Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making the army suitability requirements

at 11:18 PM
If you want to be a commando then are going to have to increase your physical form. When it comes to getting in shape for the army, there are three very important movements of the body that will make the training base and the army suitability requirements a lot easier to manage when it arrives.
1. Run-running and marching long distances with weights on his back is how to circumvent most army units. So will a lot of it. Some units are troop carriers, but will be still doing a lot of runs, trench assaults and closing a position. Marching and rebroadcast whenever a great move or patrol long silence is necessary.
Both of these physical activities, doing the thing you're training is how to get the better of them. Start slow and back off when you start your aches and pains. Heal, grow stronger and then go further and more quickly as soon as your body allows.
Of course while in operation, or a tour, you can easily stop for aches and pains, but as you can while training, you should.
Also take into consideration that will make all of this hard-bottomed boots and soft cushioned runners as it can be used as a civilian.
2. Push up-Push-up play more of a role in your actual training during boot camp and other courses but increasing upper body pushing force is always a useful thing to do. You never know when you will need to push heavy around something or someone.
In addition to practical use, push-ups are pass/fail activity during the process of recruiting many armies. Start kneeling and when it reaches 20, full push-ups. Increase the numbers of working muscle failure less than once a day.
3. Pull up-lifting yourself objects will be useful and more times. Pull up will most likely be done during the recruitment process, depending on which country you are in as well. You can increase the capacity of pull ups starting from just doing a lot in the top half of the movement, and once in twenty years, cut the repetition and go for the full range of motion.
Climbing on a truck, always out of a trench and get in and through a window are all tasks that use the pull-up strength. Most obstacle courses have a table, wall and rope or NET load that require pulling force.
Not only are the above mentioned activities used for fitness army countries most tests but always good at these three will work your whole body and make it substantially easier for you to master many other movements as side effect.
Remember, you can be trained to simply get in the army. You can even have fitness training to perform at 100% when it is actually in operation. Anyway, now is the time to start and keep increasing your level of ability, so there are when you need them.
Ray Burton is an ex-soldier and the creator of the Commando, a Cardio fitness program that will teach you how to use bodyweight exercises to burn fat, quickly burn fat build muscle and get the best shape of your life.
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