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The most common sports injuries and treatment

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The most common sports injuries include foot, shoulder and back injuries; tennis elbow; knee injuries; sprained ankles; and shin splints. Moderate to severe injuries need a doctors attention to make sure you are getting the best treatment. Listed below are some the more common injuries.

Tennis elbow, an inflammation of the muscles and tendons, is a common injury. With overuse comes inflammation and pain. A common injury among tennis and golf players, it is also common in many sports and from excessive computer use. Rest, ice, heat, anti-inflammatory, are common temporary remedies. Some injuries need physical therapy.

Fasciitis is common in runners and is also common with sudden weight gain or a sudden increase in activity. Do you have pain in your heels when you get out of bed in the morning? Heel pain in the morning is a sign of plantar fasciitis. Treatment often involves rest and ice, anti-inflammatories, a foot massage roller, and wearing a night splint.

Although there are many types of knee injuries, MCL and ACL injuries are common in sports. A torn ACL usually occurs from force applied to the knee when the foot is immobilized or from a direct blow to the knee. Symptoms of a torn ACL include instability, extensive swelling, an audible pop or crack when the injury occurs, restricted movement, and tenderness. Treatment includes rest and ice. Seek professional medical advice.

Rotator cuff is the support tendons and muscles in the shoulder that stabilize and allow the arm to move up and down, as well as rotate. Signs of injury include aching and weakness in the shoulder; especially when the arm is lifted overhead. The pain and inflammation is caused when swollen muscle push on the nearby bone. Torn rotator cuff symptoms include pain, decreased range of motion, weakness and a deep ache. Rotator cuff injuries need a doctor to decide if surgery is needed to repair the muscle.

Spin injuries are rare in sports. Often, this injury happens when the head is thrown back, or forwards violently, and damage to the vertebrae occur. There may also be damage to the ligaments, and muscles surrounding the spine. Immobilization is necessary and immediate medical help is required.

Many sports injuries need medical evaluation and treatment. Before engaging in sports: Warm up properly, cool down after exercising, use the correct equipment, if possible, exercise different muscles on different days when weight training. Stretching and strengthening will help prevent common sports injuries, and should be a part of a warm up and general conditioning program.

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