Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nutrition energy drinks

at 2:00 PM
These types of drinks used to be only for the teen and twenty-something sets in mind, but now, many companies are realizing that the elderly are living longer, leading to a more active then previous generations and are trying to increase their strength with nutritional energy drinks.
One thing that many of us must keep in mind is that as we age, our bodies require different nutritional needs. Seniors often require more vitamins and minerals, along with extra protein. The reason for these changes in nutritional diet is due to the digestive track slow and non-absorbent of vitamins and minerals as efficiently. The amount of protein that is needed to maintain healthy muscles needs increase, because as we age, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass. For these reasons, many individuals who are still active later in life found that the addition of a nutritional energy drink is a great way to get not only the extra energy, but also increases the amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals in your diet everyday as well.
In the past, many of us who need that extra boost of energy during the day that turned to drinks such as coffee, tea or soda. Not only do many of these drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar, can also be high in calories. These types of drinks can give that extra something for an hour or two, but then many of us start feeling the collapse again, after sugar and caffeine has worn off. Not to mention, that when large amounts of caffeine and sugar are consumed over a long period of time, may have negative health effects on the body and cause unwanted weight gain.
Since then, several companies are now doing energy drinks with nutrition in mind for the senior set. Although many people want that extra Boost of energy during the day, do not want to sacrifice nutrition. By the consumption of a nutritional energy drink instead of only one loaded with caffeine and sugar, not only is the body to obtain much-needed energy, is also always key nutrients that help your body work more efficiently. It doesn't matter if a person is playing with his nephews at the park or training for the next marathon, a nutritional energy drink can help maintain a good level of energy throughout the day and give the impulse that your diet needs to stay healthy and active.
With medication, lifestyle changes and nutritional intervention, drinks a person live with leaves and expose the myths and reveal the truth, more people than ever before can get back to enjoying an active, fulfilling life once again.