Friday, June 17, 2011

Signs Of Low Blood Sugar: Five Tell-Tale Signs

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Low blood sugar symptoms are not well-known or publicized. Nor is it well-known how these symptoms do develop into future more serious health problems.

The first warning sign is generally that of indecisiveness and mental confusion. Confirmation of these symptoms comes when after eating you feel way better and feel you can continue with your daily work and chores.

Usually these occurrences happen sporadically and people put them out of their mind as though there is no significance. But when low blood sugar causes extreme hunger and a craving for refined foods, sweets and chocolates people do begin to worry. Hopefully they begin to think it's unnatural. Think about it. Are you putting it out of your mind that such cravings are just normal hunger pangs?

However, many people usually still put it down to "natural" feelings of hunger and if they are exercising regularly will not feel too bad, perhaps blaming it on the strenuous workouts. Real problems occur later, maybe as long as 5 years later, when a little older and they start to ignore exercise. Then other low blood sugar signs can come on thick and fast.

Chiefly among these are tremors. These develop, for example, in office surroundings where a person has coffee and donuts in lieu of breakfast. They notice their work is affected and they find difficulty in handwriting until coffee and refined foods around 10.00 or 11.00 a.m. are consumed.

Another sign is that of weakness. Some people need to sit down otherwise they feel they might fall down before quickly taking something to raise their blood sugar levels.

The point is that they eat something, feel better and so do not worry about their low blood sugar. If this mirrors what is happening in your life you should be aware that this is something that is piling up troubles for your future. You should take special note that you are prone to low blood sugar levels and that you should take action to not let this develop out of control. The anguish that ensues is a horrific experience.

The signs of hypoglycemia are in fact, signs of pre-diabetes before diabetes takes hold. Diabetes, of course, if left untreated leads to loss of sight, amongst other things. And if diabetes is diagnosed and treated, one is given a life sentence of insulin injections and a totally disrupted life.

Rather choose now to forestall any health problems by making the necessary changes to your lifestyle, gain information as to what can be done, and give yourself peace-of-mind that you will not be dependent on others in your old age.

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