Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simplify recovery with the best dress for female Post Op surgical male gear

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Female male reassignment is a surgical procedure that alters the structure of a woman and turns his physical attributes to that of a man. This is usually the removal of the breasts, chest remodeling to make it more similar to the chest of a man and removing internal organs of sex. Very few opt for a female physics at a rate of male.

A compression garment is a garment that is worn to support the body after surgery. For female exchange procedures, male are available post op recovery garments such as mastectomy bra.

A mastectomy bra is a brassiere worn by women after they have undergone a mastectomy procedure. A mastectomy is surgical removal, which consists of removing the breast of a woman. Is usually done to treat breast cancer, but is also done during the procedures of exchange of male. It is made of elasticized fabric, so that patients can move without reservations. Retains moisture from the body to give the patient a comfortable feeling when wearing the mastectomy bra 24 hours a day. The majority of mastectomy Bras have also made bags of the same lightweight material to keep the drainage tubes or devices of chemo.

For those who opt for garments of different post op recovery, there is also a blouse of mastectomy. A Dirndl is a type of undergarments for women, which is sleeveless and up to the waistline. The neckline is usually extra wide, so that a patient does not need to raise their arms to wear the blouse because after surgery on breast area can be very painful. It is usually made of lightweight cotton material for comfort and breathability. He also removed bags to keep the drainage tubes or devices of chemo.

Reassignment to female to male, a check-up full of health is usually performed 3 months before the sex change operation. Some guidelines should be followed especially with taking drugs before the procedure because this can cause complications during and after the surgical sex reassignment. Any existing medical condition should be made known to the surgeon that can be undertaken the necessary measures. Hormonal treatments should be suspended at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Smoking should be discontinued 2 weeks before, because it can have a reaction to the anesthesia and also may prolong the healing process, which could be a problem.