Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staying Cool all summer long

at 1:00 PM
When the weather warms up, it is important to stay cool. Are some ways to do that:
Drink plenty of water:
Drinking water is an essential component of survival, but never more so than the summer when we are sweating a good part of the day. Studies say that you should drink 2.5 litres of water per day. In the hot season, you should always have a bottle with you. Drinking cold water not only refreshing moisturizer, but also delicious, cools down your bowels and makes you feel once again clean.

Killer Shades:
Invest in a great pair of sunglasses this summer not only will you look cool, but keep your eyes protected from harmful effects of the Sun. Sunglasses cheap can make your face sweat and do not have the correct lenses protective UV, it is better to spend on a good pair.
A Sun Hat:
If you're a guy, you might choose to wear a baseball cap or perhaps a fedora. If you're a woman, you could go for a straw cloak. Hats are a great way to stay cool in summer. They cover the head and shade your face. In addition, they look super chic, especially when paired with a maxi dress or a caftan.
Brise soleils are permanent Sun techniques, architectural. They are often found on the outer wall of a building or on the roof. La brise-soleil most famous throughout the world are the Milwaukee Art Museum. Is a wing-like mechanism was designed by Santiago Calatrava and popularized by Le Corbusier.
Popsicles and ice cream:
Don't let be fooled: ice cream and popsicles are not just for children. Ever seen a man in a suit of eating an ice cream cone on his lunch break? There is no image quite similar. Ice cream and popsicles are an excellent way to stay cool and refreshed in the summer. Not to mention that they are delicious.
If you're lucky enough to live by a Lake, ocean or pool would be an injustice to not take advantage of it. Grab some friends and do it one afternoon on the beach. Even just dipping my toes can is really cool.
Summer is here my friends. The sun shines and people are out on the streets, taking advantage of it while it lasts. Just make sure to protect the skin and stay cool.
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