Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Throw away the stairs

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One of the first things I ask all my new clients is weight loss "as often you weighed?" and 9 times out of 10 say "once or twice a day."
Now I think the first thing I need to cover is the fact that the body weight is not yet nearly important as factors like body fat%, and measurements of the stomach (two things I do with all my clients), but more importantly, people's weight can vary by up to 3 kg per day depending on what time it is eaten when last etc. So why the hell out of you because you're 2 pounds heavier than yesterday or worse yet, treat yourself to a chocolate because you're lighter than yesterday? Changes of body composition that does not happen quickly, pure and simple. The maximum amount of times I weigh my client is once a week, but is usually once a month, this way I can truly say if my client is losing weight or not.
However I am a much bigger fan of leaving the tape measure and photograph be my judge and not the larger scales, because let's be serious when you are walking along the beach this summer you won't have your weight in stone hovering above your head, so people can be impressed or shockedbut you'll have your body on display, and that is what people will pay attention. So, with that in mind I wanted to tell you about a client that I had last summer. Ann wanted to lose weight and get fit for several weddings that she frequented during the summer of 2010. Ann trained with me twice a week and worked alone with a workout that I wrote to you once a week. He later also a customized diet plan that I had prepared. Ann lost 3 inches from her life from her stomach, 4 3 from each leg and one and a half from each arm. Ann went down 2 dress sizes, but lost only half a stone. Moral of the story-don't let balance be the judge. Not even begin to tell you the full story.
Invest in a quality Personal Trainer will allow you to take the guess work out of training, in my opinion, is the only guaranteed way to get the body you want in the quickest time possible, by the end of your training sessions you wont be interested in how much weight. It will be great.
Ben winter is a Personal Trainer Bristol with a reputation for getting results from time to time, from weight loss nutrition. Personal Training in Bristol, in private practice, he can be reached at http://www.benwinterpt.com/
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