Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips from a chiropractic sports physician to help you get ready for summer activities

at 12:00 AM

As spring arrives, we are itching to prepare for the activity and the summer holidays. If we're going to spend our summer retreats at beaches, historic parks, or playing in the courtyard of our House, chiropractors emphasize the importance of easing your body in your summer activities.

Let's face it-most of us use the winter as a truce to eat a bit more pampering and a little bit more, not very unlike a hibernating bear. Yet, when spring rolls around, we are eager to return to the business of body and adventure in the great outdoors. Simply stated, we are eager to get in shape for swimsuit for our summer activities.

While the shape of the swimsuit might consist of diet changes to drop some unwanted kilos, it must also be made to re-educate and exercises to reinforce the major muscles that you use in your summer activities and focus on spinal alignment, posture is your subconscious more dominant characteristic Will participate in water sports like water skiing, swimming body shaping, diving, or others? It is mountain, hiking or going on nature walks or extended beach? He will play football Frisbee or tag in your backyard? If you have avoided or limited physical activity during the winter, you need to ease back into your routine active to avoid and reduce the risk of injury. Starting from A 10 k or Marathon is perhaps not the best way to start. However, training for an absolutely can be!

Prevention is the keyword here. It is easier to prevent an injury than it is to rehabilitate the body after an injury. Chiropractors are supporters and prevention specialists. They provide awareness and caring for accident prevention, help people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Yet, many people only think to consult a chiropractor after an injury occurred, and this thought that if they are dead wrong as a chiropractor can very effectively help heal from injury, healing takes time, time that you could be spending playing the summer sun.

Subluxations, sprains and strains of the joints (misalignment causing dysfunction) are the most common injury that summer can be reduced or avoided with a little help. Here are some tips to help avoid these common injuries. Relieve your body back into regular physical activity. Start a walking program. Ten-minute walk every other day then generates for daily walks and extend your time on foot, perhaps adding a little jog or two. Climb a flight of stairs at the Mall or the Office instead of taking the escalator or elevator. Do not push yourself to climb several flights of stairs, at once until you are ready. Drink plenty of water during the day to keep your body hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to drink 1 oz. of water for every two pounds of body weight. Start a daily program of stretching and remember to stretch immediately before and after each exercise. Above all, know their limits. Challenge yourself appropriately but don't push your body beyond its limits. Here's where injuries occur.

Consult a chiropractor to put together a proactive programme of care for the prevention, optimal well-being, stretching and building into your summer activities. If possible, try to find a chiropractor, who is also a certified chiropractic sports physician. These are chiropractors with a special certification in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and optimizing the physical form. Use protocols to help minimize the risk of injury and improve sports performance. Can help you customize a conditioning program focused on improving your balance, coordination, flexibility, range of motion and symmetry of the body, ensuring that your body is ready for some summer fun.