Friday, June 3, 2011

The Top 5 causes of excessive sweating

at 7:00 AM
Hi all. For this article, I'm going to share my top 5 list of causes of excessive sweating. I have dealt with excessive sweating frequently in recent years. It all started when I was about 15-16 years. It became something that was very self conscience about. Over the years, I learned a lot about it and made a lot of research on why I (and millions of other people) so much sweat. This is a list that came with the top 5 causes of excessive sweating.
5. anxiety
Do you suffer from anxiety? Get anxious easily? How you handle it? Anxiety can be the main causes of sweating. This is why anxiety is a little more difficult to control. If you are working and sweating, then it may stop. But if you're anxious, you may not be able to stop anxiety, which leads to excessive sweating. If you find yourself dealing with frequent anxiety, talk to a doctor!
4. Disease
Another important cause of excessive sweating can be due to an illness. If you have the flu or fever, this certainly can lead to sweat. Remember to consult a doctor if you are too sick!
3. Medicines
If you have recently started taking a new medication, this could be the cause of perspiration. Many medications have side effects which include sweating. If you have noticed that they started around the same time, which may be the answer!
2. Primary focal Hyperhidrosis
You might be wondering what it is. Well, primary focal Hyperhidrosis according to WebMD affects up to 1-3% of the population and generally begins in your childhood. Usually affects specific parts of the body, however, such as hands or feet. Researchers believe that it has to do with a minor problem in the nervous system. Not serious though, so don't sweat it. No pun intended! Okay, maybe it was intended.
1. General information about Hyperhidrosis
And finally, we arrive at the number 1 overall Hyperhidrosis! This is just like primacy focal Hyperhidrosis, only makes the whole body sweat. As above, is not serious, but it certainly can be a pain!
I hope that this list of top 5 causes for excessive sweating you helped! Once you understand why it may be excessive sweating, you can start working on how to prevent from happening! Good luck!