Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What causes vaginal itching and irritation in women?

at 11:00 AM
If you have itching or irritation in any part of your body you will find that you're uncomfortable feeling. But then if this takes place in an area which is like your vagina so it really will be very comfortable. But you will find that vaginal itching is not really a huge problem, but then at times could only lead to an infection. So if you find that you are going through the hardship we then coming into contact with the doctor is very important.
Sometimes people want to know what causes these vaginal itching or irritation or even burning. There are various reasons for vaginal itching. The first is bacterial vaginosis. Usually have bacteria in your vagina is very normal, but then if you have the wrong kind of bacteria growing in your vagina have the infection. Besides itching there are other symptoms that include burning, smelling of fish, and also inflammation.
Then you have the STD which include genital herpes, warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. All these will cause vaginal itching and irritation, and various other symptoms. Then the third is the yeast infection. If you have four women will find that three of them usually get yeast infection. This usually grows in your vagina and vulva. Women are likely to get this infection during pregnancy, sexual relations and when they have a weak immune system and is on antibiotics.
Then you have menopause where due to decreasing levels of estrogen on the walls of the vagina usually dries and then this will lead to irritation and itching. Sometimes this happens to women who breast-feed. There are too many chemicals that irritate the vagina and usually these include contraceptive, foams, creams, detergents, toilet paper, toilet soaps and scented condoms.
Vaginal irritation is sometimes better when left alone. But then if maintains continuing irritation or actually get serious, then you need to call and schedule an appointment with your doctor. You can also ask your doctor to perform a pelvic exam. If you have bacterial vaginosis or STD then you need antibiotics. If you have fungal infections then anti-fungal medicines are always found. If you use forms of creams or ointments then you need to put these in your vagina, but you can also get the ones that are taken orally.
Vaginal itching that develops due to menopause is usually treated using a cream of estrogens or you can also use tabs. If you have any other kind of irritation, then you need to take steroid creams or lotions too. Sometimes you can also prevent as well as the treatment at home.
Should keep away from the perfumed pad or several toilet paper or bubble. Water that is odorless should be used to clean the vagina on a regular basis. But then make sure that this doesn't wash for more than one time every day. This could only increase the dynes and may cause a vaginal itching.
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