Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who wants to learn about better health and self-motivation?

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I read it everywhere? Is the slogan on improving your health popping up in conversations? I happened across this way. First I don't know even what people were talking about-nothing to do with me or him?
Upcoming friends what they are talking about getting motivated to improve their health and diet, and so it went on and on until finally I had a look at my health and life-and Yes, I realized while improving my health is sure that it wouldn't be a bad idea!
So the next question: how to go beyond the effort of all? Sounds so tedious and hard work! And really want to go on a diet? No! And in any case, I really don't have time to put in my health-so much to do at work.
You can have a fantastic career that pays you a lot of money and offers you a great prestige within the community. If you use the work as a excuse to not be healthy, however, then this is your dream job could turn into a nightmare. Here is the truth: jobs can come and go, no matter how safe you feel or how much time and effort you put into your career
If you sacrifice your health for a job then you really are setting yourself for a bad situation is very real, so I had to read many books on self-improvement and actually enjoyed it! Low and behold-there were many good ideas! Nothing exotic at all-very good sense and easily implemented into my busy lifestyle.
One thing that stood out though: no matter how big the ideas, if I can't manage to motivate myself to do something, no matter how easy or common sense actually the idea-will do anything for me!
I haven't had to change my entire life around; I had to set achievable goals, understand where I wanted to be health wise, find out what better health means actually to me-not to my friends, not Hollywood actors-but for me myself.
So, what is the excuse for not looking at your situation and motivate yourself?
No time because of your children? No time because you work too?
The healthier you are the best parent/worker who can be.
You're more effective in what you do, when you can do this with a healthy body. You're more patient and understanding towards children, if you feel good inside of themselves.
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Sabine is an entrepreneur who has worked in the departments of the Government's primary health care, as well as private companies.
She holds a Diploma in acupuncture, a PhD in alternative medicine and is a
His business is helping people improve their lives and lifestyles through education, information and strategies for positive reinforcement.