Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Are You Having Breathing Problems?

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Having breathing problems should be of a concern to each and everyone. Why are you having breathing problems?The problem isn't just in the outside world but much more what we have carried home and trapped there. Or could it possibly be in sinus cavities or something related. There is help. Using Ultraviolet Germicidal light in your home or work place would be a place to begin the control.

Filtering and ultraviolet irradiating of the air you breathe will stop the micro organisms that trigger your allergy reactions. Stop the bugs that make you miserable. Ultraviolet germicidal fixtures are proven to kill these microorganisms and much more. Think about just being able to Breathe easy again. Why should you allow your family to continue unable to breathe? Sometimes people are unaware that they are breathing moldspores.

Take control of mold dust, "small particles of moldthat has dried and turned to dust". When mold, mildew, dust mite and bacteria are allowed to release their spores, breathing disorders are going to happen. Fallow that with a costly visit to the doctor. Doctors warn against breathing in mold over long periods of time. Often times our homes and offices are infested with toxic mold and mildew. Doctors will tell you that air pollutant, dust mites, bacteria, fungus cause major breathing difficulties, memory loss, hearing loss and bleeding in the lungs.

Here are some signs of the dreaded allergies or asthma, itching eyes, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, headache, and fatigue. With Ultraviolet light you can achieve extremely high disinfection rates, in terms of airborne viruses, bacteria and molds. High-intensity ultraviolet germicidal systems can effectively control the transmission of contaminants in indoor air. The lack of controlling dust, mildew and bacteria will contribute to tremendous costs in terms of illness, mortality, and lost days at work.

All this information continually shows up in medical journals, news papers and magazines. This is information that will help to relieve this major problem thru out America. Infection prevention using Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps could be your answer. And easily install, with twenty - four hour protection. Take control America and breathe easy.

For me once I realized the true signs of what to look for, the sticky eyes and a runny noise then making changes would be a matter of following a few guide lines. Determine if your allergies or asthma are seasonal or reoccurring thru out the year. There is a fine line here because both can be caused by the very same problem. By that I mean molds outside as well as indoors have the same dramatic effect on your immune system. Pollen from grasses and trees generally accrue in the spring to early summer.

Sometimes it will require medication to gain control, but most times controlling your homes indoor air completely stops allergies from pollen or molds. For me ultraviolet almost stop all signs of my itchy eyes. I like the outdoor, hiking, fishing and all the sports so I will have to pay for that wonderful part of life.

Quality air and water have been on my plate forever. Helping family's. Hope this article has helped.If you would like to learn more about ultraviolet go to http://www.newinavations.com
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