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Are You Sure You Want to Have a Trophy Penis? The Potential Hidden Exploitation of Penis Enlargement

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Everyone's probably familiar with the phrase "Trophy Wife." It's sort of a belittling title that refers to a type of woman a man marries, based solely on her looks. In this way, he can walk around with his arm in her arm, and strut around with his beautiful wife; simply in order to make other men jealous. In other words, she's just a "trophy" to him and nothing else.
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Superficial thinking, perhaps? Well, yes, in most cases, I imagine. Especially if the man solely marries her for this reason and doesn't care what her personality is like, how smart she is or isn't, or what sort of sense of humor she may or may not have... All that matters to the man is that his wife looks "hot." She's his "trophy" and just like the hunter, he only cares about putting her on display to impress everyone around him.
There are men who are Trophy Husbands, too, but they aren't as common as Trophy Wives. But they do exist. There are also Trophy Penises, too, believe it or not; and if you're not careful, you can become one of these "trophies" when you enlarge your penis. For example, there was a famous adult film star in the 1980s that appeared on the scene with a very large penis. His career skyrocketed and he was a top biller in less than no time. Then one day he just disappeared from the adult movie industry, right at the height of his career, and was never seen from or heard from again... Why did he leave the industry, you might ask? Well, apparently, a rich and elderly single woman tracked him down and married him to keep him all to herself. In other words, he became a Trophy Penis for her. I doubt if he was locked up in her basement and just used for sexual favors when it suited her, but the fact is that the size of his penis was, apparently, the reason she married him.
So, if you are about to enlarge your penis size then all of this is something worth keeping in mind. Honestly, it's something that most men don't really think about because they've never had such large penises (or opportunities) before. But one would be wise to realize that once a man does get bigger, women are going to start looking at him in a different light; and some women may target him, solely based on his penis size, as a Trophy Penis.
It's important to be aware of this, for a number of reasons. Firstly, there's really nothing wrong with being a "Trophy" if that's what you want to be. However, if this isn't something you want to become, when you enlarge yourself, then it's still worth thinking about, regarding such possibilities in the future. Certainly, if you have other goals and desires for/in your life, then realizing that a bigger penis can make you a bigger "trophy" target, then it's worth spending some time thinking about such possibilities.
Understand that when you do develop a large penis, that women might be "playing" you and setting you up to become their trophy. Women can be as tenacious as men when it comes to getting something that they really desire. Be aware that the attention, compliments, gifts, and goodies that are being showered on you, may be just because of your penis size and not because of anything else about you.
While all of this attention may be exciting and incredible when it first starts, don't let it lull you into an altered perspective of what, such a woman, may really be after.
The reason for this is that a really large penis is a rare commodity. Like the saying, "A large penis is like a parking spot: all the best ones are taken and the ones that are left are too small."
Perhaps if you apply this same sort of thinking to certain male friends of yours, you might see some similarities. In that, for example, you probably have a friend that might be obsessed with a woman with large breasts. For some men, that's all they want in a wife. Nothing else. To them, nothing else matters. Honestly, if you look at things from your friend's point of view, you can see where he is coming from. The same can be applied to women interested in a "Trophy" Penis. It's just the opposite side of the coin.
Honestly, I don't think many people want to be involved in a relationship that is solely based on one simple physical characteristic. Regardless if the partner has large breasts or a large penis. Such importances are hardly the foundation for forming a loving and long-term relationship. Especially if one wants to make the connection rewarding. Keep this in mind when you start to achieve those monster penis sizes. Trust me, the word will get out, and when it does, it's best to be prepared.
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